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    I use several QuoteTracker charts simultaneously, linked together, on different intraday time frames (1, 2, 5, 15, 30, 60 min).

    Whenever I change the stock, either by clicking on a watchlist or entering it manually, the charts immediately populate and then after a brief pause refresh, sometimes followed by another refresh. The refresh begins with the shortest time frame chart and moves to higher time frames. The shorter the time frame, the more obvious, longer, and annoying the refresh is. 1 & 2 minute are the worst, but it's barely noticeable on 60 min.

    Not only is the constant refresh visually distracting when I am scanning through stocks, but it slows the scan down since I can't choose a new stock until it is through refreshing the current one.

    I don't have this issue with any other charting programs.

    My datafeed for QuoteTracker is from TDA, OS is XP Pro SP3.

    This problem doesn't exist with historical charts. They just populate and that's it.

    Any help or workaround would be very much appreciated!
  2. the charts initially populate with whatever data QT has on the stock already. The flash you see occurs when backfill completes on that symbol. If you turn off auto backfill, you will not see the flashing. You can always backfill all symbols prior to scanning, or if you have QT running all the time, it should already have the data.

    As for the time it takes to repaint the chart, think of it in number of bars. A chart with 1 minute bars will have 60 times more data than the same chart with 1 hour bars. That means it will take about 60 times longer to process the data, indicators, etc.
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    Thanks Jerry; disabling that auto backfill helped, and I do have QT running all the time. And thanks for writing that great software and for continuing to provide support. I love the program.

    One last question...I can only get 20 days worth of data on my 60 min charts and I would like 30 so that it can plot a 200 SMA. I changed the "Max Days on Charts" from 20 to 30 but it hasn't made any difference. Any suggestions? Thanks again.
  4. the qtfix.zip doesn't have the updates for the tda config files, so the data would have to accumulate.
  5. Hello,

    I downloaded the patch back in April and currently run Quotetracker on the Optionsxpress datafeed. In the past 10 days, I am noticing that Quotetracker screen will freeze up characterized by the Bandwidth plunging to < 40. The streaming quotes stop functioning marked by the QT screen fading then locking.:mad:

    I end up logging off to force Quotetracker to shut down :(

    I then have to restart the Quotetracker platform only to see it shut down again within 60 minutes if left unattended.

    Any ideas on how to repair this streaming quote problem?:confused:
  6. Qtradermike, do you mean QT stops responding to mouse and keyboard?

    I have seen some drops in datafeed from OX, but forcing a reconnect usually fixes it (RIGHT-click on site selection combo box and select one of the servers, even if the same one that is already checked)
  7. Hello Jerry,

    Ind is green (streaming quotes from optionsxpress)
    BF is grey (another optionsxpress server)
    BFH is grey (xtend server not logged in)

    Now, i reduced the number of symbols that the Indices can receive to just 13 while the total portfolio symbols was restricted to just 75.

    I believe the total allowable from Optionsxpress is just 100 ? :confused:

    Under Data Sources/Proxy section, i checked:

    Active Default
    Always use System Time for Default
    Use Prev. Close to calculate Change.
    Fetch Quotes for all Portfolios (slower)

    Any other suggestions?

    If the screen and mouse freeze again, I will try to capture a Camtasia video of the situation then send it to you, if necessary.

  8. Assuming that the CPU is not maxed out, it really shouldn't be an issue as far as QT itself locking up, unless it is getting an internal error. I can run it for a week with OX datafeed without lockups or crashes, though it does happen every once in a while. Not much you can do about it at this point.

    I do notice that the issues normally occur during heavy Hard Drive usage at the same time, like if my RAID has to re-verify itself during the day, or copying huge files. Not sure why, since it is not during a data save that the issues occur.
  9. Jerry,

    Can I email you the files from Quotetracker folder for your examination?

    If i leave the trading desk while running Quotetracker under Optionsxpress, the trading platform will crash characterized by a screen freeze-up:eek: :p

    I just tried to film it with Camtasia but i cannot access the program. I am running anti-virus scan and there are no virus threats etc.

    Puzzled by this problem:mad:
  10. Since my last posting, the Quotetracker platform has not improved as I am now getting a pop-up message:

    "stocks.exe is shutting down"

    Quotetracker automatically closes down the software !

    Now, i visit Task Manager and noticed that the cpu usage is only at 20%.

    I have tried shutting down other programs but have not noticed any improvement. During the trading day, i end up right-clicking the IND green dot every 20 minutes to refresh the quotes. (Bandwidth fluctuates).

    I cannot leave my computer for extended periods else the Quotetracker platform will freeze-up followed by a pop-up message.

    Anyone on this forum experiencing similar problems using Optionsxpress? Etrade? TDA ? Other ?

    How can I troubleshoot the problem?

    Any suggestions for a solution? :confused::mad:
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