Quotetracker: can't customize, & limited backfill

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  1. Hi. I usually use three ES volume charts, set to three different volume amounts, 2 of which are custom. IB is the feed. I can't get them to show anything other than one of the default choices despite trying to type in custom settings. I know IB has been having issues, but this sort of seems like more of a QT thing.

    Also, I'm only getting current session ... no previous day backfill.

    Anyone else having the same problems?
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    It's working fine here. QT usually does not have anything to do with data feed. Also note that if you're using IB, it's best to collect volume, or tick data in real time. The backfill function hardly ever works for tick, and volume charts via IB.

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  3. Very true.
    The problem isn't with QT.
    They simply disseminate what your data-feed pumps into the QT platform.

    Your issue is with IB.
  4. Thanks guys.

    Yeah, both these issues JUST started within the past couple of days. Before that backfill was just fine.

    It just seems very odd to me that I can't set the QT volume chart to a custom volume setting .. even the header on the chart stays stuck at the default.
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    How much did you pay for the software and datafeed?
  6. Sorry guy, I customize mine to the hilt. No problems here. If data backfill is your problem, don't blame QT. As I say in other threads, backtesting is not QT's claim to fame. There are ways around this. I program my QT to display historical charts by cheating QT into thinking those charts are within the last ten days. No, I won't show you how, you play with it until you figure it out.

    I used to pay $200 per month for data and charts. I shared with ET how to get away from that waste and a number of posters wrote to thank me. But some traders still think they can drive the beemer before they are profitable enough to buy it instead of make monthly payments. So they hold onto the high-dollar charts and data. I don't need either one to be successful.

    QT remains at the top for all but backtesters. Use your broker's charts for that.
  7. I suppose you are trying to make a point. Obviously QT and IB are free, unless you consider 6 figures deposited at IB and healthy daily commissions a "fee", worthy of reliable data with which to generate those commissions.
  8. Thanks for your response. Maybe I wasn't clear in my post ... these are brand NEW problems - I've always been able to custom set the charts up until a couple of days ago. Likewise backfill was never a problem until recently. Backtesting is not even part of the equation.
  9. $60 a year for QT and $240 a year for IB data on an inactive trading account. $300 per year sure beats $200 per month for spremium data and charts. IB margins are more volatile than my grandmother's large intestine.
  10. As stated... no problems here with backfill.
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