QuoteTracker Bought out by TD AMERITRADE! YIKES!

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  1. Here is the page you get when you go to the message board.

    Thank goodness I just re-signed up with Ensign again... Whew... Close one...

    I guess Jerry and Mazel finally sold out for the $$$...


    We are excited to announce that the QuoteTracker software has been acquired by an affiliate of TD AMERITRADE, Inc. Over the next few days, you are going to see some small changes in our site, but we are going to continue to give you, our valued users, the same software and service that we are known for.

    Unfortunately, we cannot support a message board. We are working to identify ways to get the message board working, but for now, you will have to send us messages for technical support via email (support@quotetracker.com) – remember you should always contact your broker for brokerage account support.

    To help you with the transition, we have developed a FAQ. Please click here to read it.

    Well... so much for QT having good customer support. It is gone forever...:(
  2. Yes, I've wondered how Chip at stockcharts.com has managed to hold out as long as he has. I believe he's the last.

  3. Interesting thing is that Ameritrade has all other broker links grayed
    out at the QT site so you can't get to them. I wonder why?

    IB, MBT, OptionsExpress, CyberTrader, ect., all gone... forever...

    For 2k, you can get QT free with an Ameritrade account. Or you
    can watch Ameritrade ads constantly in the ad panel.

    How groovy!...:p

    (As hundreds quickly move over to Sierra, Ensign and others)...

    The reason I went back to Ensign is because half the time you go
    to change from one layout to another in QT, it would freeze up and die!

    No wonder Jerry and company bailed out on this poor, sick program.

    I guess it deserves the death of being with Ameritrade.. ha ha...:D
  4. TD Waterbutt Ameritrade House is probably after them too...:p
  5. I have just gotten word that Jerry, Mike and Mazel will continue to
    provide support via email For QT clients, regardless of the datafeed
    or broker they use.

    They just will not be able to reply on the message boards.

    So maybe it is not the end of QT after all...
  6. I do have to say that this feature is/was in beta so it still has kinks
    to be worked out. Like most softwares...:(
  7. there goes QT...
  8. Thanks for the heads-up. I've backed-up and written down in exact detail all of my charts settings/uses.

    It seems that they still have the full list of QUOTE SOURCES.
    The SUBSCRIPTION Vendors are:
    MoneyAM (UK)
    The BROKERS are, as has been stated here:
    TD Ameritrade
    TD Waterhouse (US)

    The other BROKERS have been removed. Traders used to be able to trade in the QT app through them, but that isn't necessary to use QT fully (just so people know).
    However, Jerry has definitely sold-out (hmm, wonder if his experience here helped him make up his mind ...). :p

    While he is sticking around for a while to make sure there is a smooth transition, he won't be there foreever (those cats wanted to get paid now).

    By all means, traders should be able to make their own decisions about which software is better suited for their needs:

    Best Regards,

    Jimmy Jam
  9. I am assuming that since IB is not in the data feed list or the broker list that you will not be able to use IB data in QT anymore?

    It would definitely be competition for Ameritrade. So I guess not.
  10. OMG.

    This is certainly shiitey news.

    I've used QT for YEARS and it is an important part of my auto system. With just a click I can snag any of a huge number of quote sources with no programming changes.

    We know what happened to Wealth-lab after the buy out...

    Time to start programming up some new stuff. :(

    edit: and double crap - IB was my backup quote source.

    and double double crap - what's the chance it will remain free?
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