QuoteTracker being shut down for good?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by eugenie98, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. 03/27/2012

    QT is in the beginning of the draw-down process. Too early to have very much info available. QT was programmed in Delphi for Windows 95 and a business decision has been made to cease support and maintenance of QT, so we are trying to integrate as many features as we can in to ThinkOrSwim from TD Ameritrade before that happens. When the drawdown is complete, QT will no longer be supported or maintained. In the meantime, we recommend trying out ThinkOrSwim. If you need any assistance with it or a walkthrough, just let us know and we'll see if we can get someone at TD Ameritrade to give you a call. For that, you would need a TD Ameritrade account, so if you have one, let us know the account number or userid (please do NOT send us any info other than that like password), a good phone number, day and time to call, and the timezone you're in.



    That's too bad about the wind down, I've been using QuoteTracker in one form or another since 1999.

    No plans to sell or open source it?



    Though there definitely aren't as many multifeed/tracking platforms as there were a few years ago, there are quite a few around that may work in place of QT. Though QT could be rewritten from the ground up, it would basically mean a new trading platform, anyway, so I don't know that there would be a big difference in the outcome either way.


    QT does a good job as a low cost eSignal!

    The ad-supported model never made sense, most places may have an ad supported trial and then require payment, and the pricing point was ridiculously low (not that I'm complaining).

    If you can afford to trade stocks and commodities you can afford to pay $20-$40 a month for a good quoting and charting product!

    *The reason I was setting this up was to demo the full features and potentially purchase it as a low cost replacement for futuresource for low level users at our shop who just want a technical charting package. I work at an energy trading shop for my day job.*

    *ThinkOrSwim really isn't a viable alternative because it's an execution platform, we execute through our accounts at Macquarie Bank or other investment banks and there isn't a chance in heck that we'd move to a retail platform for that (e.g. we pay less than the rates at interactive brokers for round trip futures trades, mainly because they want our voice broker business for OTC stuff)*.

    By comparison futuresource costs $200+/month per user.

    There's basically nothing as good as QT between barchart.com (free) and futuresource or DTN prophetx ($200+/month plus) for quoting and charting.

    Our plans were to segregate users into:

    Basic: Barchart.com ($0)

    Silver: QuoteTracker with a feed supporting commodities ($14/month)

    Gold: DTN ProphetX or eSignal Futuresource ($200/month)

    *But even at $40/month QT be worthwhile to us. *Using it as a platform to get more TDA customers doesn't make much sense, but selling it like a futuresource-lite product that can use multiple quote sources does!

  2. terr


    QT was programmed in Delphi. QT was not programmed for Windows 95. It is adopted to run on any NT and higher platform and is fully multi-threaded.
  3. Don't shoot the messenger, this is what TDA is saying when you need some help.

    Never understood the point of their purchase of QT, made no business sense, they are not going to get additional TDA users.
  4. terr


    LOL. I wasn't jumping on your case. I was just correcting things, since I am intimately familiar with QT code.

    Not blaming Harrison either. He's just sending you the standard reply he was told to send.
  5. They are going full boar in pushing TOS so I guess it makes sense to ditch everything else.

    TOS looks ok , as a backup. The operation still looks rough around the edges to me.

    TD doesn't let them cut comm so that was a non starter for me. TD is and looks like it will always be just a big faceless marketing firm.
  6. I am still using QT every day with DTN IQ Feed and it still works great. When they shut QT down for good I am leaving Ameritrade and have been with them 12 years.
  7. I wish they would sell it.

    Never made sense to exist at TDA.

    Maybe Jerry Medved would pick it up again.

    Happens all the time, new buyers are clueless, destroy value, and the original owner re-buys.
  8. rm3


    Have you informed TDAmeritade of that, trading4profits?

    I still think that if a large percent of the people on this forum
    who use QT would threaten to move their account if it is
    dropped, then TDA would finally realize they would lose
    more than they would gain by eliminating it.
  9. Clue me in. I've been seeing notes about QT shutting down for over a year but still am not quite sure what I need to do.

    I get my data feed for QT from IB. About once a month or so I have to switch the data source to TDA for licensing purposes. I then immediately switch it back to IB. So long as IB doesn't change the format of their data, will QT continue to run or will I run in to problems when my current license expires and I can't get it updated by switching data back to TDA?
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