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  1. Hey anyone has a problem with QT backfill lately ? I mean historical backfill. I am no longer getting any data from the different sources -free and pay- that I use. I have wasted enough time with their new Ameritraded customer service, I thought someone here would know what is happening .
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    I use Quote.com for backfills, and it stopped working on Monday, 10/1.
    I have emailed numerous times this week for updates when the problem would be corrected, but they keep saying nothing has been resolved, with no timetable.
    Go figure. Steven keeps saying nothing has been done, and that's it. Guess you/we just have to wait. My historical backfill does work, however using bigcharts.
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    I used QT with an Interactive Brokers feed today for data and backfill without any problem.

    Suggest emailing support@quotetracker.com

    They have always been very responsive.

  4. Click on Options/Data Sources/Proxy Settings. Make sure you have the right settings in both Backfill and Historical Backfill and that the number of days to show on charts is set properly.

    Additionally, if you e-mail support they will probably take all of 5 minutes to get back to you.

    Hope this helps.

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  5. For the record, I'm using QT with IQFeed, working pretty good today, but yesterday, NQ did take a nosedive off the radar, so things can happen.

    You just have to make sure you work to correct the problem with customer service. All-in-all, I'd have to say that the level of service given to the retail customer accross the board is pretty outstanding.

    Keep working at it and don't get too impatient, just remember, tomorrow's another day, and ther'll be anothe trade.

    Good trading,

  6. Schaefer


    QT, and IB, no problems today.


  7. Yeah I think we are talking about the same thing :D
    Me it was : Update first then we can talk ....allright

    btw : my problem is with "historical " backfill, rest is fine.
  8. I've been using QT free for about 6 weeks with thoughts of transferring an eTrade acct. to Ameritrade. For the last 2 weeks, the software locks up......this week 2-3 times a day.....mostly in the mornings and mostly as I'm pulling up charts.

    Steven at QT has yet to help me get this solved. Does anyone here have a suggestion?

    I've also been looking at Thinkorswim, but can't keep my clock synchonized with theirs. Plus their platform is really overkill for me as I don't trade options or futures. The QT platform really suits my needs, I think.

    My basic questions are: Should I stay a little longer with QT, i.e. can all problems be solved? Also does QT have a problem with frequent crashes?

    I would be so grateful for any help. I've been patient with QT but this week it cost me some serious money and now I'm feeling frantic.
  9. I used the product w/ iqfeed or esignal feeds for about 6 months until recently. I really really wanted to like this product and it has one feature I havn't found elsewhere; which is easily being able to draw a trendline on the intraday charts and setting an alert easiliy on that line.

    I had a few problems:
    - intraday backfill only 10 days and that is often not enough for me to get a good short term picture of the stock
    - backfill frequently sluggish
    - crashing; not all the time but more then anything else I used. I also use amibroker and the way I copy trend lines in amibroker is copy/paste. by habit I would often click on a trend line in quotetracker and hit copy then paste and that always locked things up - but that was my fault.

    As I said I really wanted to standardize on it but the data speed issue and especially the 10 day issue has me looking elsewhere
  10. check out tradestation,,,,,,,,,good charts and data ........plus the platform is free if you do very minimal monthly volume...........
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