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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by wxkid23, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. wxkid23


    Hi all,

    Im currently considering opening an account with IB. I have never traded a real account although I have traded paper and simulators for 4 or 5 years and feel I am ready.

    I have used QT with IQFeed for a while now and am very comfortable with the software and would prefer to trade from within the software. I realize QT is in a partnership with AMTD but I don't really want to deal with the high commision fees when I am only going to be able to deposit about $5k into the account to begin with. IB is obviously much cheaper but it sounds much more complicated than setting up an account elsewhere.

    For anyone that uses QT with IQFeed... is setting up the integrated trading fairly easy? I realize Jerry originally set up a page for help setting up IB... is that still the general way to go? Any other issues since AMTD took over QT... does the software still work well for trading with IB?

    Like I said.. this is my first time with an account but I really would like to go with IB for the better rates (I will probably make about 5-15 trades a month) am I getting over my head or is IB really not that difficult to get started with? Like I said, I plan to trade exclusively from QT and not deal with any of IB's software.

    Also, I have a Palm and will likely need to make some trades occasionally when on trips, away from computer etc... does IB's mobile platform (I believe they have a name for it) work ok?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. If your only going to make 5-15 trades a month what in the world difference does it make what your entry platform is?
  3. Catoosa


    Do not be afraid to use TWS. It is very easy to use. TWS is by far the best order entry platform I use. However, I have to run TWS and Quotetracker in "RealTime" when both programs are running at the same time on my PC.
  4. Aok


    I agree with Catoosa. Dont be intimated by TWS. However in answer to your question its not that difficult to intergate the trading from your charts in QT to IB order entry. I found it slower though. Not that much slower. But enough for me to either use tWS of Buttontrader. But your trade timeframe that may be irrelevant.

    Since you wont be doing the much trading in terms of frequency I recommend learning about IB order entry interface. That way as time passes you will no more about your broker and whether you want to stay with TWS or seek out more specialized interface, Button, Ninja, etc.
  5. 5 years of paper trading !!!
    wow thats a long time
    remember real trading is nothing like paper
    paper can't hurt you !

    additional support for QT can be found at www.forum.qtusers.com