Quotetracker - Ameritrade wants to kill it

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  1. This from another board

    "I just received this reply to my request for a status on QT's future from Steve Harley Manager, PCS Active Trader, TD AMERITRADE, Inc.

    "I apologize for the delay in my response. Quote Tracker will be drawn down at some point. They have not given a date for the draw down as of yet. I have also forwarded your concerns on to the tech support team as well as management but at this point Quote Tracker will still be drawn down in the future. The reason for the draw down is due to the introduction of the more advanced trading tools, such as thinkorswim."

    I know many here use Quotetracker and don't think the abomination called TOS is a replacement,.

    Suggest letting the Ameritrade turkeys know they are making a mistake.
  2. Wow!! Why the hell did they buy it then? That was only a couple years ago if that.. and they likely paid top dollar.

    I use QT for quotes/charts only and something about the latest update (3.9.7) seemed to break from the earlier versions and force broker login. It was highly annoying, so I reverted back to 3.9.6. I guess I'll be using this version permanently..

    I actually have been using TOS and like the platform, if only they could fix the standby/reconnect timeout issue (if you go to standby, then resume, it'll ask to reconnect and then just hangs indefinitely).
  3. WTF??? why the hell in the world would they kill off the best charting software known to mankind????

    Mr. Jerry Medved, help!
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    Are they fucking serious? QT is a mainstay compared to the other crap out there.
  5. When they bought ThinkorSwim this created a redundancy they are not willing to pay for.

    The problem is , TOS is not a replacement for QT. It is quite clumsy by comparison.
  6. Go over to Sierra Chart. it's very versatile :D
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    If this is true, tis not good news.
  8. So why don't you buy it from them?

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    I have been a major pain in TD's ass since around the "flash crash". Only by coincidence, it was around then that the data issues cropped up. To date, the options feed from TD through QT is incorrect as well as the NSDQ MMID "hanging" in their level II. the hanging is quite similar to the stale quote issue that appeared in late 90s with the ARCA ECNs.

    Not to mention that the level II stock quotes lag the watchlist level I quotes consistently. Using the TD feed, I am constantly guessing what the correct bid/ask is. My solution is to use TOS as a backup.

    I initially was all over Harrison at TD. He and Bill currently seem to be the go-to guys for QT help via e-mail. Harrison is quite competent in QT. However, the issues were not [and are still not] related to QT. They are a TD streamer feed issue.

    I can't even count the # of conversations I have had with TD techs about what's going on or the free trades I have been granted but, lets be honest, free trades don't mean crap if you lose $1,000 because of inferior data. The fact that they have made no attempt to fix the incorrect option data in the streamer tells me it's a done deal that streamer, command center, QT are goners.

    In any event, my goal in hitting every single one of their techs has been to find out what will be the ultimate end result of QT's future; because, as a long time user of QT, I couldn't care less about how great TOS is. For someone new to TOS with no prior QT exposure, it is truly a great piece of software but it can't compare to QT.

    As a matter of fact, Bill recently asked me via e-mail why I prefer QT and I gave him only a partial list and he replied..."good points" which, to me, means "you're right...can't do that with TOS".

    Bottom line is this, from my research, they ARE going to release a new and improved TOS platform by taking the best of Command Center [if that exists], some QT functionality and put that into their new TOS release "by year end".

    I pressed them to tell me who technically owns QT because all I wanted going forward is the option to keep QT, pay DTN IQ if necessary and know that I can use that with TD or even IB if I have to. What I heard back was that TD does not technically "own" QT and I could use it with any of the other data providers or brokers if I wanted.

    I don't think that is correct. What I do believe [and I wrote this to them] was that if they kill QT for TD users, IB users, MB Trading users etc, they will not create TOS converts, but they will lose TDA clients.

    I don't think they care - they don't have to. They did tell me they have 1,000s of QT users so I really don't know what they're thinking. I also asked them that if they have 1,000s of QT users using TD's data, how come I seem to be the only one calling about the NSDQ mmid issue and the options data issue....because it isn't fixed yet. REPLY: we're working on it. BTW, I've had 3 separate techs confirm the NSDQ issue while on the phone and they say..."that's really weird" and then they create a "ticket".

    I hope this helps others get fired up enough to start hitting them.


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    What a shame! Hope it's not true... I'm using QT for charting (with IB's datafeed) for many years successfully. I've tried other softwares as well but no one can compare with its simple and reliable usage of QT... Don't let her go!
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