QuoteTracke can't see YM via Interactive Brokers account

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by affan, Jul 2, 2008.

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    "ECBOT:mad:YM SEP 08" works for me (QT with IB)
  3. ATLien


    'ECBOT:mad:YM SEP 08'

    "For YM underlying symbol, you would need to add spaces to fill in the SSSS section of the symbol since YM is just 2 characters:
    ECBOT:mad:YM SEP 08"

    You were missing a space I believe? Two spaces between YM and SEP
  4. Try 3 spaces even though QT site would seem to mean 2 spaces.

    This is from the notes that I refer to on occasion for the YM.

    'ECBOT:mad:YM (3 SPACES) SEP (1 SPACE) 08'

    apostrophe at start and end

    3 spaces

    1 space

    Pasting the YM example from the QT website into wordpad reveals 3 spaces also.
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    got it, thanks guys!