Quotes Plis died! Long live Who?

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  1. IQ_200


    I was a subscriber of QP2 from 1998 and this nasty today have awoken to learn that:

    "Due to financial circumstances beyond our control,
    we will no longer deliver any data after Friday, January 6,2012."

    Does anybody here know any End Of Day software except CSI with such features: ?

    1. Maintains daily database on your computer with all splits, name changes and other corporate actions beeing automatically conducted.
    2. Renders direct program access (API) from VBA, VB or other language to historical database.
    3. Optionally has fundumental information and industry tags for stocks.

    Be generous to share with me and couple other apologets of Quotes Plus so much needed information.
  2. Too bad to see them go like that....But with yahoo!, Google and others providing free data it was only a matter of time...Plus trader population is shrinking fast...Can anyone guess why? Look for example at the diminishing activity on these boards and elsewhere...Too bad...
  3. Sure, they all made millions and are now retired to their south sea Islands.

    Except for the eccentrics like Jack Hershey who remain even after making 10's of millions.
  4. Bob111


    i've been happy user of their service for over a decade. too bad for me, have to either build my own data base or find some other reliable service. big plus of their service is that they allow customer's soft to work with their data base. and customer have no worries about maintaining stock lists,dealing with additions\deletions, splits etc.
    damn bad news for me..

    any suggestions on good quality EOD service,who will take care all issues mentioned above + allow customer applications to access data base?
  5. IQ_200


    Haven't heard you for ages, Bob! Disaster unites people. I know and even used for a while one comparable source with API to the database, i.e. http://www.csidata.com/
    But they became way too greedy and started to rise limitations and prices for small guys and thus were seen off.

    I am seriosly thinking now about building own database if nothing comparable to QP2 shows up.

    PS. And also Putin should be abolished. :)
  6. Bob111


    wtf is wrong with this forum? looks like same shit is everywhere in US. restrictions,restriction,restrictions..limitations, limitations limitations..
    first-when i tried to send a private message-restricted,cause it's over 6000 characters..(i fucking counted in word-there is less than 1000)
    then-only one PM per 400 seconds. wtf was that? Barron! is it you or Obama's rules? i'm sending a fucking simple message to my friend. why i have to wait 400 fucking seconds for every fucking sentence?
  7. ammo


    dont know how to program so i dont know how good this is but think or swim allows you to build your program into your tos page
  8. rwk


    I think Telechart (http://www.worden.com/) does what you want for stocks, though the fundamental data is not readily accessible through the SDK. I have used Telechart for several years.

    There other service you might look into, which I have not used but may in the futures, is EODData (http://eoddata.com/). I don't think they have fundamental data, but they do have futures.
  9. jharmon


    Premium Data is worth a shot (www.premiumdata.net)

    I am currently alpha testing their yet-to-be-released data platform that integrates extremely tightly with Amibroker and they contain most of what you seek.
  10. Bob111


    i'm personally looking for very simple service-take care additions and deletions,changes,splits AND(for example)-show me all stocks from NYSE where security type=common. i don't want to see ADR's,preferreds, warrants,ETF's etc.
    so far i was unable to find ANY service(regardless to it's cost) who can provide this simple,imo very basic info into MY application. unbelievable....they sending a spaceships to a fucking mars,but can't come up with decent EOD data service. too bad that i don't have enough knowledge in programming, so i can step in and sell this info to the customers,who may be interested in it.
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