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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by arna, Jun 15, 2012.

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    Since last year, Nasdaq charge all proptraders like profesional for quotes.

    I heard that the same will be with NYSE quotes? Do you anything about it?
  2. eventually all the exchanges will offer a premium (pro) subscription for those that need the most reliable data. It takes a very serious investment in infrastructure to provide real-time quotes when demand is growing.

    I suspect they will all have prop/professional fees for those that use more data for the same reason the cell phone carriers no longer offer unlimited plans. In this case, those using the least amount of data are subsidizing the heavy users and that can only go on for so long with these algos sucking up data at the speed of light.

    the only certain thing in this industry is fees will always go up.
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    totally inaccurate.

    NYSE/NASDAQ will pump data (UDP) to the vendor.
    Vendor then pumps data to end user.
    Nyse/nq thruput/stress doesn't depend on how much data the end user is using. The vendor does, however

    they have a pure monopoly on their own data.
    and they have the ability to charge whatever they want.
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    oh yes, and NYSE will go all pro soon (for prop).
    (actually they've always been pro for prop - just some vendors were getting away with treating users as non-pro)
    nyse realized this is a great profit center.