Quotelf & MLDownloader

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by hidesai, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. hidesai


    Do you have Quotelf or MLDownloader ?

    How Do you use it with Real trading ?

    Please give me hint or good point.

    Which is software good ?

    :confused: :(
  2. A few months ago I was looking for 1-minute intraday data for the previous 200 days, so I downloaded and tried MLDownloader or one of its equivalents. I didn't like the data the S/W produced. It's not their fault, but quote.com put a limitation of 2000 lines of any ASCII data download.

    So if you want intraday info, this limits you to 2000/6.5 hours/60 minutes = 5 day's of intraday data. So why pay $50.00 for a product like MLDownloader when you can get far more than 5 day's of data from BigCharts.com for example, for free.
  3. Hi,

    Please tell me where URL at detail to download intraday ascii data.

    I know,

    http://www.bigchart.com/ ???????????????????

    Where Can I download intraday quote of ascii format from bigchart.com ?