QuoteCenter: Reuters missing headlines?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Bernard111, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Attached are 2 snapshots: one is from QuoteCenter with Reuters feed and ECI category activated: as you can see there are no the main headlines for the US Jobless claims news; just a subsequent article:

    3/6/2008 2:30:15 PM RTRS U.S. Jobless claims tumble 24,000 last week.

    Aside on a Reuters terminal, instead, the Alerts news are those on the other snapshot in red.

    The same scenario occurred with the US Pending Home Sales at 10:00 EST today: apparently there is not headline at all...

    Is there a way to show the main Alert headlines with the details on QuoteCenter NewWatch/Reuters?

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  2. Reuters terminal: full headlines
  3. Something is definitely screwy with this. Have you asked your provider if they know why this is happening? You have something to compare against from another Reuters source so it would probably be easy to get them to pay attention.

    I got no news headlines this morning when the wholesale trade data was released at 10:00am . What good is having a real-time news feed if they don't provide you with this type of info? I mean my Reuters feed is full of useless PR releases but they can't even provide basic economic news.

    I find myself relying on MarketWatch to get real numbers and news while Reuters feed spits out useless press releases and other garbage. Kudos to MarketWatch again.
  4. I think I know why this is happening now. It seems that what you get with Quotecenter is just a watered down version of Reuters full news feed. I talked to my provider and they confirmed there are add-on paid Reuters news subscriptions that enable access to additional stories.

    It would seem that Reuters is intentionally delaying or even censoring stories altogether on the lower level feeds that are included free with Quotecenter. The price of adding their premium news service in North America is $65/mo.

    No thanks Reuters. I'll stick to free news and just know not to rely on Quotecenter headlines for economic numbers from now on.