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  1. The chart symbol on my quote tracker is white and its set on a light gray background above the actual chart.

    I usually look at 5 or 6 charts at a time and I can hardly read the symbol because of the poor contrast between the white symbol and the light gray background. Can anyone tell me how to change the background so that I can get more contrast. A dark blue or even black would be nice.

    Thanks for any replies.
  2. hoodooman,

    What you are referring to is the watermark on the chart. Its not intended to be high contrast

    You can change the background colors on OPTIONS/Edit Preferences menu, CHARTS tab, COLORS Sub-tab.
  3. Thanks Jerry

    But I don't see any colors subtab.
  4. its the first sub-tab you see when you click on the CHARTS tab:
  5. i think the default chart template scares people off from using the program. at least it did for me at first.

    besides the enormous amount of virtual mem this uses if left on for more than a day, it is a very useful prgram and perfectly priced too.
  6. dividend,

    What specifically didn't you like about the default chart settings? I am open to suggestions.
  7. zxcv1fu


    How to configure the candle outline & body color? Thanks!
  8. candle outline uses LAST color. Body color uses Positive and Negative color settings on OPTIONS/Edit Preferences, CHARTS, COLORS tab.
  9. I still haven't been able to figure how to change the contrast between the chart symbol and the background at the top of the chart.:confused:
  10. you can't. thats automatic based on the background color.
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