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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by moshej, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. moshej


    My question is about Quote tracker.
    I used this SW for couple of years. But now I have problem using it. The SW asking me to be registered. My broker is MB Trading.
    What I suppose to do in order to continue and use Quote Tracker?
  2. Moshej, MB Trading is OK and QuoteTracker is pretty good. I've used both of them. It sounds like you've been using the "free" QT in the last few years, the one that keeps distracting you with their advertising. I don't have a firm answer for you, however, I can give you a few things you can do. One: obviously, you could register; and it'd be just a small sum of money. Two: you could make it a habit to click on those ads; the clicks seem to help in buying time. Three: you could uninstall and re-install a new version of the QT and see if this buys you additional time. Four: you could send money to and open an account with TD Ameritrade; not recommended, but is an option. Five, you could install QT onto another PC. Six: you could re-format the H/D and then install your QT; just make sure you back up your stock data folders first. -- I hope this helps.
  3. moshej


    Hi Steve,
    First, thanks for your reply.
    The issue is that Ameritrade doesn’t allow from now on using the QT unless you register to Ameritrade. It will not help if I re-install, format or try login with different user.
    Ameritrade mention that the registration is free of charge. I made the registration, opened account but yet while opening the QT I’m receiving error mention that I need to register.
  4. Moshej, You're welcome.

    This is new to me. It sounds like Ameritrade is making a concerted effort to recruit additional customers.

    I suggest you call their CS. They're open 7-24. Ask them what seems to be the problem.

    My experience is, if you deposit a few dollars in your new account, and if you also call their CS, your QT will start working again, and will have no advertisements.

    I suggest you ask their CS first. Because, in my experience, sending them a deposit will open up another can of worms.

    I hope this helps.
  5. qt has made it mandatory that you be an amtd customer to use their software.
  6. CET


    Wrong. Go read the Registration page on the QT site. It costs money now if you are not an AMTD customer. It is free is you are a customer.
  7. just21


    ninjatrader is still free.