Quote Tracker Not Getting All T/S From IB

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by rcj, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. rcj


    QT T/S window not showing number of contracts traded.

    TWS showing data ok. Ive tried reboot of TWS and QT.

    Anyone else having this problem?
  2. Please note that their support sends out mails where they state that they are going to shut it down.

    They don't want any more customers.
  3. rcj


    A month ago i purchased a new 1 yr subscription.

    Support made no mention of this.
  4. Jerry,

    How do I import all my settings from an existing version of QuoteTracker into the update version?

    Copying and replacing STOCKS.INI AND CHARTS.INI doesn't do the job.
  5. you don't. the patch is a zip file, so you just close QT, then extract the contents of the file into the existing Quotetracker directory, overwriting existing files. Then just start QT same as you always did. It would not impact your settings.
  6. Jerry,

    Thank you very much. That did the job.

    I was doing the process the hard way and backwards.
  7. rcj


    Thanks Jerry, for responding.

    i use IB with QT. So...on this "patch" what happens when/if
    IB changes their API again ?? :(
  8. Then you would be SOL. However, IB does not generally change the API in ways that would break backward compatibility. The current QT implementation for IB has not changed in years.
    #10     Aug 6, 2011