Quote Tracker - anyone having problems today?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gordo, May 28, 2003.

  1. gordo


    Anyone having problems with QT today? Doesn't look like my quotes are updating, the bid and the ask are just sitting there. Thought maybe the market is just real slow. Charts are showing data going to about 10:30 am and then they are blank, then they start showing again about 12 noon. A couple of error messages popped up, but I don't recall what they said.



    error message is:

    An error has occurred in Medved QuoteTracker
    Please report the following detail to support@quotetracker.com

    Version: 3.1.1a Error Position: DEADLOCK!
    WININET Version: 6.00.2718.400

    Error Message: Critical Section Deadlock:
    Name : "VALS"
    Now In: "CHPLT"
    Trying: "RECLC"
  2. gordo


    Got the answer from QT support, just need to update to the latest beta version.

  3. Gordo - the error is fixed in the newer version. As for the quote problems, there was an issue with a site that we used for syncronizing the time. That causes all kinds of problems including quotes being displayed incorrectly, quotes being inactive and data stopping.

    To fix:
    1) WebUpdate (OPTIONS/WebUpdate menu)
    2) Restart QT
    3) Sync Time (OPTIONS/Edit Preferences menu, SYNC TIME button at the bottom of the screen)
    4) Clear All Data (Clearing current day may work. If not, clear all)
    FILE/Clear All Data menu