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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ggoyal, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. ggoyal


    anyone using quote tracker know how to make the real time chart data coming in, appear in the middle rather than appear on the right most part of the x-axis?

    It's really hard to see when you don't have blank chart area on the right side.

    I dont know if I am being clear. What i want is as the RT data comes in, I want to it appear in the middle, rather than being on the right most part of the chart. I want to see blank chart area.
  2. You have to hit the arrow which creates more space to the right.

    It looks like this: --->

    ... and that will give you the blank space to the right.
  3. ggoyal


    yeah ok einstein, im posting it here cause its obviously not doing it.

    anyway, back to the question.
  4. AAA30


    Right click chart/ View/ show toolbar

    There is the arrow in the upper left hand corner pops down when you put your mouse over it.