quote that deserves honor of seperate thread

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Anti-Hurst, Dec 25, 2008.

  1. here is description of market

    I just can't get this quote out of my head, so true simple and rustic
  2. bighog

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    Grow up dipshit.

  3. LOL

    Well said!! :D :cool: :p
  4. says a man doing 30 % a year trading with 200 k


    if you want better you need to learn to love the market and its conundrums

    as for you spanish

    POSTING picture of yourself on ET and flirting in a homosexual way with people here

    maybe you should grow up :cool:

    human scum
  5. Chit Chat
  6. If I didn't know any better, the word you were looking for is "harlot".......it rhymes with "one lot". :cool:
  7. Anti-hurst has to be one of those multiple alias guys.

    He has got that type of know-it-all expert on everything yet complete failure flavor to him.

  8. it's the apak, cold, jasson troll!

    she never STFU even though only spits out trivial crap. a certified troll by all means.

  9. heypa


    If the market were a harlot you would get what you pay for.
  10. Yah I was going to say it was that Jasson guy.

    The Jasson guy would always do the exact same thing as Anti-Hurst. He would tell everyone he is failing at trading while at the same time still trying to convince people that he is all knowing when it came to trading.
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