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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jeffm, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. jeffm


    I am looking for something to let me easily keep track of some basic quotes on my windows mobile PPC phone. There are lots of fancy quote or charting programs for the PPC, but they have to be run separately. I am looking for a Today screen plugin or app that just keeps a few quotes constantly updated.

    I have tried Stocks and Weather Today. Its ok, but doesn't seem to update reliably. And it eats alot of screen space.

    I also tried Journal Bar, which is almost just what I was looking for. Unfortunately, my phone has a 240x240 screen and JB only supports 320x240. It doesn't matter for the Today screen, but it keeps me from being able to set the options. No reply from the developer about an update or workaround.

    Anyone know of any other Today screen programs for basic quote monitoring?

  2. jtnet


    thats the downside to having a treo
  3. jeffm


    Not a Treo. Its an HP hw6515 running Windows Mobile 2003 SE.

  4. jtnet


    JB will come out with a fix prolly due to more windows treos now