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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by neo_hr, Nov 18, 2001.

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    Anyone have a cheep (the cheapest) rt charting package for SP minis? (Not the QuoteTracker though...). Im looking like under 70 or 100 bucks per mo.


  2. Find out if the quote data vendor you are using now can add the cme feed to your data feed. This is free of charge, though it requires that you request it and sign some forms.

    This is a CME promotion and will end in a few months.

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    The three that come to mind are eSignal (check Futures magazine for the $79 offer), QCharts, and myTrack. TS Pro (Tradestation6) maybe, if you can talk them into just buying the feed, or if you are willing to open an account.

    As you probably know, there are lots more feeds/charting packages, but none that I know of that can be had for less than $100/month outright.
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    been to mytrack.com, seems I gotta open an acct with them??? Anyone know a way arroun this*? I am using IB as my broker so...

  5. FYI - there is now a $10/month CME exchange fee for the e-minis.
  6. There is Nextrend it 's reliable but the features aren't great IMO.
    I think if you just want the emini it will cost you $ 40 /mo after the 6 month trial but you still have to put up with the ad window the 6 window limit?!!! Otherwise the QQL 's developpers don't seem to understand the necessity of offering a futures feed. Too bad. Also check out Futuresource.com 's Xtra, it's browser based but quite expensive for what it is $79 a month. So I guess you might aswell go with eSignal if you choose annual prepay. I like QCharts features and pricing but the feedback from this site is terrible I wish it was more reliable. Anybody NOT having problem with Qcharts for the emini's?
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    I was using Qcharts and had virtually no problems with their quote feed for the e-minis. I know others here have had problems, but it seems to have improved over the last 6 months. I remember only one time that it went down on me for an extended period (most of the day) back in March and I got a credit for the whole month as a result. I was not in a trade. But since I use IB, I have quotes for the purpose of exiting a trade if my main feed goes down.

    I have recently switched to TradeStation because I could get it for the same price I was paying for Qcharts. I use a mechanical system and wanted the testing capabilities of TS. But I have no problem recommending Qcharts based on my own experience.

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    Thank you guys, appreciate it

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