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    Tried to log on Quote.Com today, to try out their Q-Charts. I couldn't log on to any of their servers & the Temp password wouldn't work. (I tried for hrs) Is there another charting service that you would recommend? Thanks
  2. Hi Honda

    If i were u i would try window on wallstreet.(windowonwallstreet.com) They offer alot more features. Another favorite of mine is Quicken.com They are one of the cheapest but in some ways the best designed.(but not as user friendly) I like their time and sales and Level II the best. U can get their full package for 68 dollars!!!! Both of these companies offer a free two week trial, unlike quote.com

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    Fyi qcharts had server problems this morning. I had to download a new version of this .dll file in order to get it working. Try again tomorrow.

    To see if qcharts is having problems go to View-System Status Button. Click that button and read the updates.
  4. Sterling - which features of WOW do you mean not to be found in Qcharts ?

    I used both and decided to stay with Qcharts - due to userfriendliness of the application and wealth of features not offered by many other applications.

    Data-problems : Well I tried eSignal, WOW, Quicken, NAQ, you name them. Haven't found one service who hasn't had datafeed problems.

    I agree, that Quickenquotes live is a bargain among the RT quote providers and their latest sofware is really good. Also their data-service is among the most reliable. Liked it more than WOW, which offers the poorest charts of all IMO.

    However, I still can't draw S&R or retracement-lines on a QQL chart and I still cannot synchronize my charts , T&S, Level 2 window, news, option-montage, research etc. with a watchlist in WOW. ( One click on the symbol in your watchlist or hotlist and you get the whole enchilada in a matter of seconds with Qcharts )

    I can also recommend Ravenquote in this context, which is IMO the best RT Trading-Software you can get for your money as a private trader unless you decide to spend thousands of bucks on Tradestation.

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  5. Hi Privateer!!

    Have you tried wow recently? Wow has alot more features; Like Fibonacci arc, fans, time zone Gann Angles ,speed resistance, retracement,cycle line and 40 other indicators . They just started another company called Data Cast Network that provides even more features than WOW.(like the ability to have 10 time and sales windows open at the same time)
    I never said i didnt like quote.com Quote coms' user friendliness and features are great.....when its working!!!!
    They gave me a trial for 4 days and during that time the program froze twice. I would still be with them but they dont provide a two colored bar chart for volume, the feature i consider crucial.(dont ask me why)
    Your right about Quicken lacking a few features, but their platform is the most reliable around....Thats why i use them!!!

    Honda, give em all a trial, and tell us what u think

    Hey privateer, remember that last message of mine u replied to about laurence connors books/Jeff Cooper? If you find time can u go back and check my last post out??? thanks

    Take Care All


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    I've tried WOW and Esignal, and have stuck to Esignal. The main problem with WOW is that its Java based and that tends to stall sometimes or act up. One key feature which has kept me with Esignal is the its tick chart shows the bid, ask and trades made. You can just look at the bid/ask only while keeping the trade line off to get an idea of which way the immediate momentum might go. Turning on the trade ticks right on top of the bid/ask indicates the number of trades thereby showcasing volume.

    Esignal is expensive no doubt, but it has this crucial feature which I think is necessary. Does anyone know of a RT data feed where the bid/ask and trade lines can be shown and selectively turned on or off. You input is valuable. Thanks.
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    Also, Esignal has never crashed and I find it a very stable and robust program.
  8. Hi Sterling,

    I'll check the latest scans for JC's setups and will post them on the other board.

    WOW : Well you see, everyone has a different tradingstyle. I don't need 40 indicators - I need only 2 or 3 which are working ( at least most of the time ). Of course, you can plot a lot of studies in Qcharts too , but again, I use to plot S&R Lines calculated by TP, which include already the fibonacci levels.

    Last two weeks I traded almost every day and had only one occasion, where Qcharts stopped working for 2 or 3 minutes or so.

    What I like, is that their datafeed doesn't eat up so much memory when running the whole trading day. I use also a little scanning tool, called Qformula, which is based on qcharts datafeed.
    It was developped by the people who made Ravenquote and it was their first attempt, to enable Qcharts users to use RT scans based on customized technical indicators and other criteria.
    A function currently not offered in Qcharts.
    Ravenquote was the natural step 2 after having finalized the work on QFormula.
    You can enter a list of , say 100 of your favourite stocks, define certain technical criteria on which Qformula alerts you.

    Say you want to have an alert if any of the stocks in this watchlist shows a 5 period / 8 period MA crossover on a 30 or 60 minute timeframe. You enter this formula and QF follows all stocks in your watchlist during the trading day. If a stock signals this crossover, you'll get an alert and you can switch to Qcharts checking charts, T&S etc. - preparing your trading decision.

    Even if you don't have Qcharts running the whole day, you can run Qformula as a stand alone product. You could also run it only once a day and check on which of your stocks this alert has been triggered recently.

    QFormula is free. You can find some more info here :


    Could be, that you have to sign up for egroups first ( it's free )

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    Hi All,

    I seem to be like the rest of you. I have tried several quote services and became totally confused as to what service would give me what I'm looking for. I make 1 to 5 trades a day, and most of those are position trades. I have to agree with Privateer about using Qcharts coupled with Ravenquote. I have not merged the two but it looks like that is the most complete package. If you want simplicity just use Mytrack....I have used their service without any break in datafeed, they are however, a little slow on execution. I find WOW a little complicated to move around at the speed you need during a trading day, and a little cumbersome for a multi-monitor system. Another thing to add to this is what version of Windows are you running.....My answer is NT and NT only, or Windows 2000, which basically is NT 5.0. So I will close with my recommendation is Qcharts.
  10. maybe im naive, but why would you ever need a quote service. Doesn't your DAT firm just provide you with all the info you need. I know I get anything i need through cyber. (Unless of course you are using IB)
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