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    anyone know the proper symbol for the gold futures contract? Is there a mini contract? Do they use globex or some other execution system... ahhh so many questions. Thanks in advance.
  2. comex:GC03G for the Feb contract.
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    thank you so much.. is there a list off all futures symbols specifically for qcharts?
  4. Futures Month Codes
    Here are the codes used by the exchanges to designate the delivery months for futures contracts:

    Code Month
    F January
    G February
    H March
    J April
    K May
    M June
    N July
    Q August
    U September
    V October
    X November
    Z December
    Y Cash or Spot price (no year, usually)

    Here are the codes used by the exchanges to designate the night currency futures:

    Code Month
    A January
    B February
    C March
    D April
    E May
    I June
    L July
    O August
    P September
    R October
    S November
    T December


    Root Futures Symbols:

    AD Australian Dollar (CME)
    BP British Pound (CME)
    BR Brazilean Real (CME)
    CD Canadian Dollar (CME)
    DM German Mark (CME)
    DX U.S. Dollar Index (CEC)
    EC EuroFX (CME)
    EV E-mini EuroFX (CME)
    JT E-mini Japanese Yen (CME)
    FR French Franc (CME)
    JY Japanese Yen (CME)
    ZG Mexican Peso (CME)
    NE New Zealand Dollar (CME)
    RU Russian Ruble (CME)
    SA South African Rand (CME)
    SF Swiss Franc (CME)

    AG Silver, 1000 oz. (CBOT)
    GC Gold, 100 oz. (COMEX)
    HG High Grade Copper (COMEX)
    KI Gold, 1 kilogram (CBOT)
    PA Palladium (COMEX)
    PL Platinum (COMEX)
    SI Silver, 5000 oz. (COMEX)

    BC Major Market Index (CME)
    CR CRB Futures Price Index (CEC) [Cash symbol: CR00Y]
    DJ Dow Jones Industrial Index (CBOT)
    ER Eurotop 100 Stock Index (COMEX)
    ES E-Mini S&P 500 Stock Index (CME) [free real-time data]
    GI Goldman Sachs Commodity Index (CME)
    IQ ISDEX Internet Stock Index (KCBT) [Cash symbol: INDEX:IRY]
    KV Value Line Stock Index (KCBT)
    MD S&P MidCap 400 Index (CME)
    MV Mini Value Line (KCBT)
    ND Nasdaq 100 Index (CME)
    NK Nikkei 225 Stock Average (CME)
    NQ E-Mini Nasdaq 100 Index (CME)
    SP S&P 500 Stock Index (CME)
    YX NYSE Composite Index (CEC) [Cash symbol: CEC:YX00Y]

    BO Soybean Oil (CBOT)
    C Corn (CBOT)
    KW Wheat (CBOT)
    MW Minnesota Wheat (MGE)
    O Oats (CBOT)
    RR Rough Rice (CBOT)
    S Soybeans (CBOT)
    SM Soybean Meal (CBOT)
    W Wheat (CBOT)
    RS Canola (WCE)
    WF Flaxseed (WCE)
    WO Oats (WCE)
    AB Western Barley (WCE)
    WW Feed Wheat (WCE)
    WQ Field Peas (WCE)
    Soft Commodities

    CC Cocoa (CEC)
    EZ Cheddar Cheeze (CEC)
    OJ Frozen Concentrate Orange Juice (CEC)
    KC Coffee "C" (CEC)
    MU Non-fat Dry Milk Futures (CEC)
    SB Sugar No. 11 (CEC)
    SE Sugar No. 14 (CEC)

    CT Cotton (CEC)
    LB Lumber (CME)

    CL Crude Oil (NYMEX)
    HO Heating Oil (NYMEX)
    HU N.Y. Harbor Unleaded Gasoline (NYMEX)
    NG Natural Gas (NYMEX)
    PN Propane Gas (NYMEX)
    Interest Rates

    ED Eurodollar Time Deposit (CME)
    EM LIBOR - London Interbank (CME)
    FF 30-day Interest Rate (CBOT)
    FV U.S. Treasury Notes, 5-year (CBOT)
    FY 5-yr. Treasury Auction Notes, 5-year
    MB Municipal Bond Index (CBOT)
    TB Treasury Bills (CME)
    TU U.S. Treasury Notes, 2-year (CBOT)
    TW Treasury Auction Notes, 2-year (CEC)
    TY U.S. Treasury Notes, 10-year (CBOT)
    US U.S. Treasury Bonds, 30-year (CBOT)
    ZB U.S. Treasury Bonds, 30-year - Project A session (CBOT)

    FC Feeder Cattle (CME)
    LC Live Cattle (CME)
    LH Live Hogs (CME)
    PB Pork Bellies (CME)
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    market man.. your help has been invaluable. Thank you.
  6. copied and sent it to me via email. Much better than going there. Thanks MM!