quote.com question

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by spyderman, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. sorry for this dumb question, but cannot find the answer!

    anyone know the symbol(s) for the DAX indexes on quote.com?? or if available??

  2. I've been after them to provide foreign market data for 2 years now. They aren't even considering it. :(


  3. Laziz is right.. they don't even offer it..

    E-signal has it.. you have to purchase the international chart package or something like that..

    they will give you a 30 day risk free trial.. try it out.. if you don't like it.. ask for your money back.. I did this and they were very professional about it..

    I thought I'd have someone hounding me but they didn't
  4. thanks....been glancing at web charts of the underlying....and just trading it off the bid and offer.....real charts would be nice !
  5. You use IB?
  6. Yes...IB
  7. You can get qoutetracker and get the feed from IB. It's free...
  8. thanks!