Quote.com is Down Again

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Flashboy, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. God I hate this freaking site..

    2 days now their charts have been down.. And it cost me money on Friday.. you think they would have it fixed by the end of the weekend..

    These guys are ridiculous.. They have to be the worst charting software for reliability out there... and their customer support is HORRIBLE.. All you get is we are sorry for the inconvenience and are working on having the problem resolved.. you can't even get them on the phone either...

    Time to start looking somewhere else..
  2. dloomis514

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    Sometimes eSignal has a reduced rate for qchart conversions.

    Mention my name too :)
  3. pspr


    I switched from Quotecom to Esignal some time ago. Three days in a row with hours of down time was the last staw for me.

    Esignal isn't perfect but for the money it is probably one of the better ones available.


  4. Flashboy,

    I have subscribed to QCharts since 1999. I loved the software but have become increasingly impatient with the data quality. Last week, in desperation, I switched to eSignal. It is one of the better decisions I have made. The chart follows my J-Trader streaming data seamlessly, whereas QCharts was often delayed by seconds, sometimes more than 10 or 15, even with a DSL connection. The Ctrl+Alt+N function became as useful as an elevator close button. Perhaps one day, when QCharts gets its data act together... Until then, no more compromising on data quality for this dog.

    You may find the eSignal software a bit "clunkier" but I'm quite content now that my pages/layouts have been set up. Trust me, this minor inconvenience is a small price to pay for data quality.


  5. 168


    are you using dsl or regular dial up ? i used have problem with q chart when i use dial up ,after i switch to dsl and have my new computer-p 4,everything works fine now,the only thing you have to do is switch their server sometimes.
  6. I'm actually using a T-1 connection through a network..

    Like someone said above.. the Ctr-Alt-N button is useless..

    I find the same delay in the quotes too from my J-trader platform..

    I like the layout of Quote.com's quarts.. the colors and such.. but its not worth it..

    Not only financially the money I lost on Friiday.. and I believe I would have short the emini sp at 1045.00 at 13:00 est...

    Also the emotional strain.. of sitting here for 2 days. fuming.. and I mean fuming.. is not good for my trading either.. which isn't that great to begin with..

    I had just gotten an ad in the mail from esignal over the weekend with a special offer.. so I guess E-signal it is...
  7. maxpi


    Actually, regarding convenience of use, I think they are about the best charting software, the data server farm is/alwayswas/probablyalwayswillbe the problem.

  8. I agree, maxpi. But real-time data really should be real-time.
  9. Right.. If the data provider is the problem.. then they need to get a new data provider.. Am I missing something
  10. c_verm


    Sounds like we should all email Qcharts and complain about their data feeds. Maybe they will fix the problem?? Qcharts is great I would hate to leave it.
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