Quote.com down?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Cheese, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. Cheese


    Whats happening at Quote.com? Anyone know?

    Can't even get the website front page!
  2. It's working here. No problem at all.

  3. Cheese


    Its still completely out for me.
  4. Cheese


    Back in .. lost the first 45 minutes of the market.

    Thanks for the reply IndexTrader.
  5. Sounds like the new Qcharts is not much different than the old Qcharts I used to know and hate.

  6. Not necessarily quote.com's fault that Cheese had a problem connecting while others didn't - could have been his ISP.
  7. i have used qcharts for years. i had hoped that the new server farm they put in would help the data problem but it hasn't helped. you just cant run qcharts at the open with hi volume stocks like intc csco msft up.
    every day lately i have to change servers several times right at the busiest time of the day. it gets tiresome after a while. qcharts is great for investors that don't need perfect data.
  8. Quote.com been down for 4 yrs:cool:
  9. Cheese


    Its not the fault of my ISP.

    Quote.com was down again (for me) Wednesday morning .. lost the first 30 minutes of the market.

    OK yesterday and today.
  10. Andre


    Is Quote.com and Qcharts the same thing? I was reading a community managers Email list and found this: Lycos restructures, cuts U.S. staff. Lycos owns Quote.com and this article talks about how they laid off a bunch of workers and closed some offices, some of those affecting Quote.com.

    I worked for Lycos in their communities for almost 2 years a while back. They've bought a bunch of companies, and never really integrated them all that well, in my humble opinion. If you're relying on Quote.com you might be aware is all.

    #10     Mar 3, 2004