Quote.com .. down again!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Cheese, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. Cheese


    I must becoming a bore with this.

    Quote.com has been out for the whole market today so far. It keeps coming up with the same dumb excuse on the page saying I'm a live subscriber but it takes 45 minutes to give me a live service.

    If the service they are providing is down, why do they have to lie? Just say the service is down indefinitely until restored. Wouldn't appreciate that either but then at least I would know, wouldn't I?

    Anyone else getting a problem today with them?
  2. nkhoi


    no, stable all day today.
  3. Cheese


    nkhoi, thanks for your answer.

    So my service was out for the entire market! Thats got to be the worst ever. Usually service is restored even if its been out for hours.

    Its so irritating. They just don't have a conscience.
  4. If others were able to access quote.com without a problem - then the problem you experienced probably isn't "the service".
  5. gwnorth


    I understand that Quote.com has laid off its entire shop in California and is moving to the east coast. They seem to have lost a lot of business to E Signal in the last while. At least thats the impression given by other traders and E Sig. Maybe the ships going down.
  6. BSAM


    eSignal should buy the Qcharts software and apply their datafeed to it.
  7. Cheese,

    If you press CTRL-ALT N, you will see a list of servers you can connect to.

    I doubt that all 29 servers were down. So it is most likely your connection to the interenet is the problem.

    QCharts, just like any other tool, works quite well if you use it properly. You can't say a screwdriver is a bad hammer, because you are not using the tool properly.

  8. Actually I had the same problem, it was down for most of the latter half of the day, with the same message.

    When investigating some further, the system status stated that 'some customers were experiencing problems'. The help page also displayed numerous Oracle database errors with regards to too many connections and transactions.

    I used to be an Oracle DBA, so to me it looked like someone was editing data on the live database. There could have been some mishap when updating customer data which caused the problem. Accessing other subscriber information worked ok, it was just the streaming quotes which was experiencing problems.

    Bu these last few weeks, the servers seem to have had a really hard time coping with the most intense trading moments, with frequent dropouts and lagged quote data being conveyed.

    They say they're in the last stages of improving infrastructure on their help pages, but with this kind of unstable service and seemingly frequent compromises of the live services it makes one wonder what kind of problems we will be experiencing when they actually jump over to the new system. They don't seem to worried about some glitches in this transition experienced by the customers.
  9. Cheese


    Autotrader and Gringinho

    Much appreciate your advice and notes. Really thoughtful and helpful. Many thanks.

    So far its on today. It was out all day Friday and the weekend.
  10. This service has some serious trouble in my opinion. During the last few weeks, every time (on the ES data) when markets open, are near the close or any type of spurts in trading happens - the data halts. Frequently you'll experience lapses in the data, corrupting technical analysis etc.

    The same goes for the beta-services on http://beta.finance.lycos.com/qc/livecharts/default.aspx?symbols=CME:ES04M&option=rt&wd=900&ht=500 .
    They should try to keep at least one service stable, and then fool around with the beta, or redundant systems.

    The halts are really annoying, and sometimes the data plays catch-up - delayed 2 minutes or more until finally becoming up to date. Reloading the applet makes no difference lately - proving the point that the service is having the problem - not your network connection, as well as the fact that other data services work just fine.

    It seems others are reporting problems on other platforms as well, and maybe the CME is fault for not providing data feeds today (and perhaps yesterday). It still doesn't explain the extreme frequency of the problems experienced with quote.com/finance.lycos.com, though. There is absolutely no information provided from them about the problems or when/if there will be any improvements, either.

    Not recommended at all as the only system for viewing data, simply appaling and not worth anyone's money.
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