Quote.Com - anyone having technical problems?

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  1. Anyone having technical problems with quote.com

    I swear these people.. don't even have a phone number for them.. and their email responses to my problems are all pre written responses..

    I am about to move to another service.. they are definitely not he best in the business..
  2. no problem here with qcharts.
  3. if you don't mind.. are you using Live charts and what symbols??

    I"m having trouble with ES, ER, EC & NQ
  4. no im using qcharts
  5. If using Qcharts, try switching servers (CTRL + N). You should get data then.

    - Spydertrader
  6. I'm using LiveCharts.. it doesn't have that feature..

    I need to look into another service I guess
  7. I stopped using QCharts a few years ago. I was not even aware just how bad it was at the time until I switched brokers and saw how delayed QCharts was in relation to the broker's order entry platform's streaming data. Until then, I had been hoping that Quote.com would have gotten its act together, but the very regular delays of several seconds was just too painful to bear.

    Are you saying that QCharts no longer has data delays? I only trade ES, and I found QCharts virtually unusable at the time. Presently, I use eSignal. Its interface is clunkier, to be sure, but I have found the data reliability to be excellent. And although a beautiful user interface such as what QCharts has is a "nice-to-have," data integrity and reliability is a "need-to-have."

    Please advise.
  8. I don't know how it is now, but a couple of years ago, I used CTRL+N to switch from one bad server to another bad server. On the plus side, it did give me something to do. How I miss QCharts' interface, though...
  9. I have on occasion run into the same problem with a few bad servers. I have only used Qcharts for the last three months, but use it primarily for culling my Watch List each evening. I have only recently (2 months) started to use Qcharts charting on a daily basis, but have yet to experience a problem. Of course, YMMV.

    - Spydertrader
  10. Thx Thunderdog,

    I tried Esignal once and didn't like the fact that I couldn't pull up the ES with RTH's only...

    and like you I found Quote.com's interfact to be much better also...

    How much does Esignal charge these days?? I may do a trial subscription with them..
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