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    are they any good thinking about setting them up as a back up for AT FIn been have problems with them but have heard bad things about quote.com

    any you guys use them or like them
  2. I hade Qcharts for about 2 years. At first it really was bad because of server problems. Then they went thru a whole rebuild of all their farms. I don't think since then I had more than a few outages.

    I think most of the bad press is from the old days.

    I have TS6 now, which is comparably priced.
  3. quote is great erlanger, very average and disapointing..
    just forget it
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    which one you like better qcharts or Ts
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    ok what do you recommend
    what do you use?
  6. TS6...but not "hands down." Both have their pluses and minuses.

    I think Qcharts is more user friendly. For instance I have three monitors on which I have 5 charts all the same symbol but different time frames, T&S, and Level 2. I'm fairly simple. With Qcharts, when I want to change symbols, I type the symbol and press enter. All charts change to the symbol and the T&S and Level 2 do also.

    I didn't know until TS6 that this is called window linking. With TS 6 you have to type "global symbol" and all charts change. Not the T&S and Level 2 though. They must be changed individually. Kind of lame, but TS7 is supposed to have better window-linking. Anyway, the global symbols are stored in a small box that opens when you just hit enter. So then I scroll down to the symbol I want and hit enter agin and voila.

    Also, TS6 doesn't have color coded T&S for trades going off at the bid and ask. Seems small until you don't have it.

    TS6 is a brokerage also, and commish is good. Integrated order entry. Although a lot of the guys here who have TS6 also have IB which they trade thru usually.

    Plus if you want to back test an idea you can't beat it...

    I have had TS6 for just 3 weeks now and I am used to everything except the lack of color coded T&S. I really miss that.
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    Are there any?

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  9. I use Qcharts on 4 monitors with the tick ticki trin prem s&p500 futures daily 15 min 5 min 1 min & tick of the SPY's and level II's Quote sheets, and some other things

    I use Esignals "turbofeed" on another 4 monitors. I use Esignal to get their feed "turbofeed" then close Esignal and bring up Ensign Software and use it to confirm the readings of the Tick Ticki Trin and prem. I also have some custom programs written in Ensigns ESPL language that display possible trades.

    I got Esignal to verify Qcharts ( and to have a backup system) because from time to time I would get bad data from Qcharts. Whenever there was a discrepancy Qcharts was wrong 9 times out of 10.

    The next logical question would be. Why not just get rid of Qcharts?. I couldn't trade as well. The look and feel of Qcharts, the ease of use, and it's scaling ability is IMHO the best I have ever seen. I wouldn't trade it for any other package. If I had to choose one it would be Qcharts hands down. But I don't do any backtesting either.

    I moved from Kansas City to Houston and the Qcharts feed has been 10 times better than it was in Kansas City. I moved a couple of years ago and according to the last post they fixed some things. I believe it..:D
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    Thats funny, I was just thinking the same thing today....I need Qcharts to trade also , I feel boxed in with other programs.

    good trading

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