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  1. Elite Trader should have a Quote Board showing the quotes of the major indice (delayed time) for at least the financials (S&P500, Dow, Compq) and the Notes (30-year, 10-year, etc.).

    The other indice(s) would be optional, though.

    What do you think?
  2. why don't you have these or assume most here do not?
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    Yeah, we've never included delayed data for the indexes because we assumed that pretty much everyone will have real-time access to this info from whatever software they're using for their quotes.
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    Maybe MandelbrotSet hasn't reached that "pinnacle" of his trading career yet.

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  7. My, look at all the responses my request his gotten.

    A quote board with the different indice would give people exposure to them, who otherwise don't know about them, and would also give people who are on the run a snapshot of how the market is performing when they are away from their trading workstation.
  8. I was going to write an encouraging post earlier for your cause but in reality it is very hard to trade delayed quotes.
  9. Don't wanna trade'em, just wanna se'em.

    It's more for the visual effect and the ambiance, and like I said before, I think they belong on a trading website. Certainly one of this caliber, were a lot of traders congregate.

    There's no way they even should be realtime, as that what be stepping on the toes of the data service providers who advertise here.

  10. This is too funny.
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