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In which example is an investor's risk/reward profile greater?

  1. Example A

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  2. Example B

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  3. They are equal

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  4. It is not possible to determine (if choosing this option, explain why)

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  1. lol
    #21     Apr 25, 2007
  2. Position sizing and volatility are risk determents.
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  3. Jesus, let's end the debate. Equal risk at equal dollar exposure.
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  4. But you would agree that there is skewed risk if purchased on a unit basis, rather than dollar basis?

    I'm working towards a point here. Trust me.

    It will be a logical (I hope) attempt to explain a long term trend that I see no sign of abating, despite popular financial media proclamations to the contrary.
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  5. andread


    Yes, but also skewed reward. So the ratio remains costant

    can't you just come to the point?
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