[Quiz] If you bought 100 shares of BAC in 1986, what is annual rate?

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  1. Dear-

    The following link shows the result of 30-year investment of a major bank BAC.


    Suppose you bought 100 shares of BAC at $6.84 in 1986 IPO and current price is roughly $14.0.

    However there were two-time splits and lots of dividend, which are compounded (re-invested) to $21767 from $684.


    1) What is the annual compounding rate for the entire 30 years?
    2) What is the outperformance of BAC, over the index such as SnP500 for the 30 years?
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    according to bbg: 4% annual return on price (approx. 200% gross return), 7% annual return when accounting for dividends (approx. 700% gross return).

    SPX (as defined by the vanguard S&P500 fund) earned about 7% annual return (700% gross), about 9% when you factor in dividends (900-1400% based on how you reinvested the divs).
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    When using adjusted prices of $2.79 at IPO and $13.60 now, then the answer to part 1 of your question is this:
    387.455% profit in 30 years, and that makes an annual profit of 5.422%.

    And the answer to the 2nd part of the question is:

    S&P on BAC's IPO on May 29, 1986 was: 247.98, today it is at 2020.
    So, then 714.58% profit in 30 years, and that makes 7.241% annually.

    In 30 years BAC underperformed by 327.13% compared to the S&P500 index.
    BAC underperformed by 1.82% per year compared to the S&P500 index.
    Meaning that investing into the index would have been much better than investing into BAC...

    The adjusted prices one can get here http://finance.yahoo.com/q/hp?s=BAC&a=04&b=29&c=1986&d=05&e=14&f=1986&g=d
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  4. How about Washington Mutual? Or Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - weren't those 2 rock solid?
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    Yes, they were... but then in 2007/2008 came the subprime loan banksters...

  6. Good question; of course if you needed to sell, or a client wanted his money back you may be forced to sell @ a few bucks of below $5. So your math sounds right, but its a lot, lot more risky than SPY-S&P 500.Another problem is even if they[BAC] did everything right,LOL; that big bank sector[with Citigroup] tends to downtrend[10 year downtrend] ..... Thanks; good points.
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    And here are the long-term charts of BAC and the S&P500 index:


  8. Hi, [botpro]

    Where did you find the chart for 40 years?
    Can you see the chart at 1920 too?
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    I know what you mean! :D
    http://www.google.com/finance?q=BAC then click on Max.
    It shows such a funny chart going back even before the IPO of BAC... :banghead:
    I can't tell you the reason, I myself saw it only some time after posting...
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  10. Maybe google provides longer chart than yahoo, isn't it?

    However, if I heard correctly, yahoo provides adjusted chart, but google does not.
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