Quitting SMOKING!!!!

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  1. How!!??!!????!??

    These peices of crap are really pissing me off, how are you supposed to get rid of them?
    Habit replacement, cold turkey, what??

    Any original ideas, anything?
    Mostly, how to deal with the furious rage that develop's, ripping door's off hinges sort of thing.
    Piss'es me OFF.
    BTW, cold turkey produces significant problems (see rage) patches aren't so good.

    I seriously believe, were it legal to belt the C##p out of a tobacco corp exec, quitting might be easy, but it 'aint.


    I mentioned the FURIOUS RAGE, that is not a good thing.
  2. Oh, C'mon...........
    YOH , something........

    "You CANT be SERIOUS",
    john mCenroe.

    YO , $RM$, wheres your FREE WILL, society, where , POISON is taxed by the STATE.
    Ok, nevermind that..........free choice, OH YEAH.

    No, not flouride, that's a different kettle of DEAD FISH, OH YEAH.

    Shit, i havent even really tried to quit yet.
    Yes, i may go completely mad........
    that is the issue here.

    People go on about being "able " to quit, all the rest, well what the heck is that?????
  3. This stuff is total shite.
    No, they can all go to hell,
    and BURN with suitably efficient environmental ummmmmmm......
    Nuh, got nothing. Its still crap though.
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    Try a hypnotist. My mother in law did and she has not smoked in 15 years after smoking for 20.
  5. Aw crap, a hypnotist?
    Not so great results with them.
    Seriously, this is f##d, but i mean, how serious do you want to get?

    And the RAGE problem, i think its an issue.
  6. http://www.chantix.com/

    Try this through your MD, when it becomes available. I was one of the first guinea pigs for this drug when it was in its test phase. We were told to continue smoking for the first week of taking the drug. I had been a pack a day smoker for over 20 years, but after taking the drug for a few days, my desire to smoke was greatly reduced, and when I did have a cigarette during that first week, I felt as if I was sucking on a pencil. You will still get some withdrawal symptoms, but they should be reduced. I took the drug for 3 mths and managed to remain smoke free for almost a year.
  7. The patch is Awesome
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    Have you ever tried the patch? I quit with it. Of course about a year later I dicovered snuff and it has been with me now for about 10 years. Don't do that. I can run a mile without any problems but my face might rot off.
  10. Replace cigarettes with heroin.
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