Quitting on youtube - so long, adios!

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  1. LOL!!! :D

    Send me $20 or I have to get a job!!!!

    Omfg roflmfao!
  2. For christ's sake you already posted that fake video last year. You are not funny. Seriously, kill yourself.
  3. I thought you were leaving ET.
  4. Try something that can build your "Real Networth" and "invest" on the side. Times have changed and the window of making millions as a retail trader (98-2002) has closed.

    Of course, with all the very wealthy and successful traders on ET, I could be proven wrong.:confused:

    On the other point: Twitter and Texting. Well, I use both and I also communicate on a global level. I speak with clients in China, Brazil, EU, Africa, etc. I cold call using Skype, I use skype on my cell phone and I use SMS. I get Txt from my clients, I use Video conference via skype on both my Iphone and my Computer.

    So, you can't blame Techonolgy. With out the current techonlogy, I would be in your shoes.

    Nevertheless, Humans will continue to live well beyond 2012. And I agree with you, that Profiling Works!
  5. EPrado


    You cold call using Skype from your apartment!!

    Hilarious. It can't get any funnier than this.....or can it?
  6. Yes he did, no he's not, yes please do so.
  7. jokepie


    Seriously ,... Dude.... WTF u talking about man !
    I cant't believe i saw the whole video....
    On a side note ... I think he is trying to make it as a stand up comedian.
  8. Maverick74


    That's not him in the video. This guy is really starving for attention. With the right doctor and the right meds, he'll be OK. But he needs to get on that stat!
  9. the1


    Take all the energy and inspiration you put into trading and put that into another line of work and you'll be wildly successful. Good luck with what awaits you down the road. At some point you'll look back on this experience as one of the most positive experiences you've ever had.
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