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  1. Dear Friends,

    This may come as a shock to you but I have made the
    monumental decision to take a complete year off from
    trading (and everything else as well). There are a
    number of
    reasons, such as the economy, the difficulty trading
    these markets lately, but the major contributor to my
    decision has been my involvement
    with a group in Bolivia, who are fighting for freedom
    and justice against unbelievable odds.

    I have been communicating with this group for several
    months, and now
    I will finally join them. I know most of you will
    think I am totally
    crazy but I have not made this decision lightly.

    I'm looking forward to the new challenge and doing
    something with meaning
    that I truly believe in. I hope to see you again when
    the battle is won.....
    meanwhile find attached a photo of my comrades in



  2. H2O


    I feel a sudden interest in solving the situation in Bolivia....
    Can I join ?
  3. Looks like they'd all be willing to give you the shirt off their backs. Good luck a broad, keep us abreast
  4. Omar-

    I was planning a week in Vail, but I think you may need my help. I own an AR-15 and a S&W .45.....I'll book my flight today.
  5. Viva la Revolucion!

    Suerte, amigo.

    (Hopefully your fate will not mirror that of Che)!
  6. Are they still recruiting?
  7. I used to do a lot of business in La Paz (believe it or not!).
  8. MRWSM


    Seems like my kind of place. They have the Right to Bear Arms & Breasts.:D
  9. dozu888


    can you tell which?
  10. 5th freedom fighter from the left is an imposter!! Those coconuts are fake as a 3 dolla bill!

    You too can learn to be an expert in synthetic mammary glands -- just book a $1,000 "Bright Trading" seminar in Vegas and head to Crazy Horse in your spare time!!

    -- ready to crack'em again tomorrow!

    the dog
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