Quiting is for winners

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by vectors101, Aug 30, 2007.

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    if what you are doing isn't working, you should quit

    try something that works.

    if it works, don't quit.

    quitting is for winners.. quit drugs quit smoking .quit gambling. quit stealing money quit your demons.
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    That is the reverse idea of "insanity is keeping on trying the same thing when it never works" definition.

    I recently discovered the idea of reverse paranoia. I like to think that everything and everybody are here to help me to learn and experience joy.. it's funny but it helps with the outlook a good bit.
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    Don't do drugs....drugs are bad....ok?
  5. Vendors would be very pleased to hear that.
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    Drugs are kind of good short term sometimes :)

    Ok, I could call it "reverse negativity" but reverse paranoia is more striking and easier for me to relate to..

    Yet further off topic: Did anybody notice that quitting is spelled wrong in the thread title??
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    If only it were that easy. Exercise for 1 month and still don't look like Schwarzenegger? Simple - just quit.

    Tried med school for 6 months and finding it hard work? You're not cut out for it - quit.

    Fought Nazi Germany for 2 years and not getting anywhere? Why waste time & effort - just quit and make life easy.

    What a ridiculous philosophy.

    And if you still don't believe me...

    Seen a barmaid at your local dive who is a spitting image for Angelina Jolie, and overhear her saying how she loves blowjobs and threesomes with a guy & another woman? Well, if she knocks you back the first time, surely you should quit! Why take a chance at getting the best sex of your life? Just give up man, don't waste your time :p
  8. I like that quote. "reverse paranoia" Me? I'm just a bee in a field of flowers, life is great.
  9. You can even just quit temporarily.

    "Cash is for winners", some of the very few good advices of Jim Cramer.
  10. depends on what type of drugs we are talking about.
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