Quit Trading and become a life guard.

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  1. Base salaries for Newport Beach lifeguards range from $58,000 for the lowest-paid officer to $108,492 for the top-paid battalion chief, according to a 2010 city report on lifeguard pay. Adding in overtime, special compensation, pension, medical benefits, life insurance and other pay, two battalion chiefs cleared more than $200,000 in 2010, while the lowest-paid officer made more than $98,000.

    Lifeguard pay of $200K riles Calif beach city
  2. Isnt that like getting a real job?
  3. I had seen that article, and I sent it to a friend of one of my kids who is a lifeguard locally. He laughed, he gets 9/hr. to do it at the high school pool part time.
  4. Be smart. Get the life guard jib and trade on the side.
  5. elon


    They get $100k+ to

    1. Sit outside in the sun.
    2. Babe watch.
    3. Swim at the beach.
    4. Occasionally save a person's life.

    That is one fulfilling job description right there.
  6. jokepie


    Using Mobile pottys day in and day out must be compensated buddy !!
  7. To be fair:

    The life guards themselves get paid about $20 an hour. the high paid dudes are the captains that get an office and vehicle to cruise the beaches, they get to screen and hire the baywatch babes, buy and play with all of the latest water toys. They are considered to be public safety officers on the same level as fire chiefs.
  8. How can you trade and stare at beautiful asses in the beach at the same time?
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    Hey jokepie----they don't worry about portable potty's..why do you think God made the ocean?:cool:
  10. Uh, no thanks, I'm not interested in taking a pay cut.

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