Quit Complaining About Living Through History

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  1. According to news reports, Americans are apoplectic with anger at Washington for the debt ceiling gridlock. We hear the now familiar complaints about "Why don't they get something done and quit playing politics" or "It's time to forget partisan politics and do the right thing for the country." Of course, left unsaid is what exactly is the "right thing".

    From my standpoint, it's kind of like fans compalining that the Super Bowl went down to the last play. Why couldn't the game be a blowout so we wouldn't have to experience all that doubt and stress? Better yet, why couldn't they just compromise ahead of time and give the trophy to both teams? That way everyone wins.

    You're living through history people, and often history is messy. Embrace the moment, relish the conflict of competing philosophies and recognize that we are experiencing what is potentially a tectonic shift in the political firmament. This appears to be the hill the Tea Party has chosen to die on rather than surrender. This week may well have doomed Obama's hopes for reelection. It's unclear how it all comes out, but politics doens't get any more exciting than this.

    Enjoy it.
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    I was just thinking something similar this morning. Last November the country voted to reign in the spending and get the debt under control. Now, according to the news, people can't understand why there isn't compromise.

    If the Tea Party representatives don't get their way it will be business as usual and we all lose. I'm starting to believe in no more debt ceiling increases. Cut government to the bone, bring the troops home and return to sanity starting Tuesday. If S&P and Moody's cuts the debt rating, so be it. What they do is their business.

    BTW, I hear Obama is trying to get S&P to come out in favor of Reid's plan. (What ever that is) I think that is the same evil as jury tampering.
  3. Would this also have been your advice regarding the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, it being history and all?

    I can't believe all these "patriots" who want the dominoes to come crashing down, just so long as it hurts Obama. Yeah, that's all it's about. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.
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    there are millions of patriots who want the irresponsible spending to stop. If Obama lead the fight for a balanced budget we would be on his side.
  5. I speak for many when I say, I could give two shits about what some whiny Canadian fruitcake has to say about our countries current crisis.

    Now go start another thread in the feedback section bitching about how "unfairly" you are being treated.
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    Yes we cut off the nose. A giant govt. No more do I want to see mobs of animals running for their free section 8 housing. Free housing, free food, free cash. These same degenerates robbing people and businesses all day, destroying all of our communities. Forget raising children in middle class communities anymore. Send your kids to the mall? Good luck. The schools are destroyed with drugs and violence and thuggery. All degenerates get free loans to move in to towns and take a dump on the place. You still think home schooling is about God? HA! Middle class being destroyed. Is this your utopia? Keep it. Big govt everywhere. Forget the nose, cut off the entire head. This country isn't about taking care of everyone, its about freedom and you can't have mine.

    Edit- And furthermore, just look at the situation. All the money liberals have spent and what outcome? All wealth has been taken by the corrupt. Freedom would have eliminated these leeches. But no big govt liberals think print more. Big government is corrupt. The founding fathers, who this nation belongs to, even in death. Fought one thing and one thing only, tyranny, oppressive govt. Printing money, big govt, all ends up in the hands of corrupt greed. You fear freedom and we all suffer. Enough. What has all the printing produced? And you want it to continue? And more than that, you will blame freedom for this theft... Debating liberals is a waste of time.
  7. Bullshit. Demonstrably, the Tea Party gained traction and exists in its current form for no other reason than because Obama is president. Period.
  8. Your "countries?" How many do you have, homeschoolboy?

    "Another thread?" Which was the previous thread I started where I allegedly "bitched" about how unfairly I was being treated?

    Have you considered antipsychotic medication? You really should.
  9. You have Bush to thank for overplaying his role in that regard. Just one of his legacies.
  10. Yep, you continue to cement your reputation as a complete "fag hag" always one to value STYLE over SUBSTANCE. Your constant nitpicking of typo's is simply pathetic.

    Go find a bath house to get your thrills.
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