Quirky things that you do as you became wiser

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  1. Okay, I have to admit, I do a lot of quirky things, but there are 2 things that stand out.

    1) Using a Coin Holder: It’s nice and help me organize my loose change. I can carry it on the side of my waist like a blackberry, and I will be able to give the exact change to the cashier. It’s not cool, as I learned awhile ago, to pull that out in a bar to buy a woman a drink! lol

    2) Carry Paper Napkins Around: Whenever I eat at a fast food restaurants, I would grab a lot of paper napkins, because I am a messy eater. Most of the time I would have extra napkins leftover, and naturally, I would put them in my bag. It saved me money from having to buy Kleenex, because I already paid for the paper napkins. It’s not cool, as I learned awhile ago, to offer that bright yellow/brown paper napkins to chicks who ask me if I have tissues or napkins, especially when we are not in the fast food establishment anymore. lol

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Share your quirky habits here.



    Here is a theme song I picked for this thread:
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  3. While I take a shower I get mouthfulls of water multiple times and slosh it around before I get out to brush my teeth. A little like chewing gum and walking since you can wash and still slosh that extra towards your goal of healthy gums and teeth.
  4. Gcapman


    I try to always walk on the sidewalk so that I am facing traffic....

    Also helps a lot when I run my daily 20K+ outside in the streets......
  5. I think it make a lot of sense to face traffic when you walk (even when you bike). It's safer in a way that you can actually see any potential accident, allowing you the time to maneuver out of it.
  6. Seriously?? I've never seen that before but hey, to each his own!

    More power to ya.
  7. [​IMG]

    It got a little clip thing that you can clip to your car. I clip it to my belt when I don't have my bag with me. lol
  8. This is what I was picturing on your belt

  9. lol

    No, but I did see a knight in Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament used that as an armor!
  10. On one episode of Curb your enthusiasm, Larry David sat down with his manager in a restaurant. The waitress brought them coffee, there was an awkward moment of silence and larry said "Would you like to see my coffee commercial?"

    Larry just took a sip, made a few facial expressions and said "Good coffee". This scene was so lame.

    I use this line everywhere. Most people are taken by surprise when I ask "Would like to see my coffee commercial?" Hey, they always say yes.

    I hang around the coffee pot at the 7-11 and ask unsuspecting strangers, "Would you like to see my coffee commercial?"
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