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    i'm really annoyed by noise from my PC's. thinking about something really small and quiet. maybe pick some parts on black friday.low power consumption dual core, small SSD ,2 monitors setup. fast enough to run smoothly couple TWS instances and few my applications. for cloning\image\back up\storing the data-external enclosure once a week. any advise,recommendations on parts\components?

    will VB6 or any applications created on VB work on windows 7?

    Thank you!
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    Looks like the guys at Puget use the same case (Antec P183) as Tiki in his thread. There's tons of good info in there - when I was planning to build a unit, I had also settled on the P183. Couple that with some super quiet fans, fanless vido card, etc and you may not know that it's even running ... :eek:

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    Check out MaximumPC or one of the other hardware sites. They build mini-ITX computer with small form-factors. Just buy components from Newegg and assemble it together.

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  7. Check out silentpcreview.com

    A hardware review site... they focus on low power and low noise components.
  8. Didn't need to do anything special to create a quiet (if not silent) rig. Just run the all fans at 65% .
  9. you can get a passive mini-ITX system with a decent CPU (maybe i3 if you build it correctly but probably atom based) and it'll be 100% silent.

    Or look at taking something like a mac-mini and putting Windows OS on it.

    Yes W7 will let you run VB stuff on it - Worst case you can use XP mode and/or run something like VMWare player or VM Workstation to run an XP box inside your W7 box.
  10. http://www.hd-plex.com/ cases with cooling by heatpipe, you can build a pc with i3,i5,i7 with ssd that will have no moving parts.
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