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  1. janjons



    Are there any success stories that can be used to convince business people in general that the QuickFIX engine is a nice software tool that we also should use in our organization?

    I tried it and I am already found of it.

    / Jan Jonsson
  2. sccz97


    am using quickfix and it's pretty stable. The only issues I've had are from different fix apis using certain tags to meet their own needs and sometimes conflicting with others
  3. would you suggest quickfix above any other open source FIX engines? also im wondering if you are trading through IB, if so. do you use IBGateway for market data or still use TWS Api for market data? I was reading about IBGateway and was left wondering if there was any performance boost between that and TWS since they are both coded in java.
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    tbh quickfix was the first I tried and recommended to me by other ppl. Seeing as it was simple to integrate into my applications and worked well I didnt try any others. I dont use ib. the charges seem unnecessary. I would be confident in assuming trading via fix with ib woudl be faster and safer than via their socket api
  5. nitro


    QuickFIX is considerably slower than commercial FIX engines. The fastest one I have seen is capable of about 17000 messages a second, written in highly optimized C. A very good one can do about 11000 messages a second.

    Other than the FIX engine layer, equally important is the transport layer. If you have a fast transport layer but it cannot deal with possible queuing issues, it could be a very bad experience.

    That said, for 99% of the people that hang out on ET, it is a perfectly reasonable FIX library. I have used it and executed thousands of ATS generated trades with it without a hitch. Search for nitro and quickfix for more opinions.

    The people that shouldn't use it won't be posting on ET, so I won't go there.