Quickest execution on Nasdaq equities?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by EMini-Player, Apr 22, 2003.

  1. What broker offers the quickest fills/executions on equities? Two brokers I'm currently considering are TradeStation and IB.

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    the fastest i have used is point direx. i have used 2 others also.
  3. are both fast as heck
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    I believe IB's speed is second to none and as I've mentioned on other threads, the internal tmbr route is an added huge benefit that will give virtually instant turnarounds. If you're concerned about the speed of IB, I suggest open a small 2K account. Send a few orders and assuming your pleased, increase your funding to get past the PDT rules. If not close the account at no charge. The firm is extremely well capitalized and spends a small fortune constantly optimizing and enhancing it's software and infrastructure.
  5. Point Direx is the fastest I've ever seen as well, but im a little bias ....don't list en to DEF...they are a snail compared to PD!!!

    Im kidding...I've never used IB so I cannot say...I've used several other well known software ( IQ, Real, T-cast, , TradeStream, and Neo).......Each is different in a functionality standpoint but none of them were anywhere near as fat as PD.......and DEF, don;t start up with me again , I was only kidding ok???:D

  6. Does the WATCHER exist anymore? who's using it ? I think the web site is closed as well:confused:
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    Hammer platform through a citrx connection destroys all.

    PM if you need info
  8. Hammer/Citrix may cost you a little time going through that Citrix connection so be sure to demo it extensively first if you go that route. (If you are the hammer the buttons Nas scalper type)

    I can't imagine anything faster than IB when you get filled by TMBR (IB internal matching), which seems to be pretty often.

    I've used them all, and IB is truly smokin'! If anything was faster, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference anyway.

    Also, I don't recruit for any firms unlike some on this thread - you gotta try them out for yourself..
  9. I have the both, and IB is the faster by a little bit usually. For the interface, Point Direx is better. Because some lack of IB inteface and that I want a more responsive trading interface, I have wrote for myself a similar interface that I use now for IB. since this time, very happy :)
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    I have used IB and now use hammer through citrx. The hammer blows IB away. IB uses a java connection much slower than citrx
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