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  1. Jasra


    I have just completed the exchange offered by quicken to esignal and would agree with the comments here about the inadequate charting tools with the basic package.

    I contacted esignal over this and for a price of USD 88 (in total) they will throw in the advanced charting. I took them up on the offer and will see how I get on with it for a month.

    At first glance it isn't as intuitive as the QQL charts, but thats probably just me tackling unfamiliarity with a new product. It does seem to have a few more functions than the QQL, ability to write text on charts, greater back periods for data etc, however I have found one complaint.

    The candles are drawn solid for both up and down price movements, unlike QQL which allowed up candles (hollow) to be filled when depicting a lower close than open, when both open and close was higher than the previous candle and vice versa in the opposite scenario. (hope I have adequately explained this)

    I am going to address this issue with esignal and will advise of the outcome if anyone is interested.

  2. Dice2


    Hi J,

    By all means, I am very interested in the outcome! Please do post how everything comes along for you as far as the charts are concerned and any other issue. Nothing better than an actual QQL user trying eSignal.

    In the meantime, I am checking out a bunch of software to see if anything is worth trying. I am looking for particular chart settings to use for intraday. Here's the link to the site if anyone wants :


    Peace... Dice
  3. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    Welcome to eSignal!

    Not sure if you found the place to fiddle with your candle settings yet so just in case.... you can customize the look/colors by right-clicking within the chart, then selecting Edit studies. You can easily set various colors for the up/down basrs, the outline and the wick.

    If you find you can't adjust to your likening, please send us an e-mail at ideas@esignal.com so we cna get it added to our development list.

  4. Dice2


    Hi Scott,

    I am trying to get an answer from your support team for days now about the key differences between the QQL $35 package eSignal is offering to QQL users and the Standard eSignal package of $99!

    On the e-mail I received the $35 offered package was supposed to be a "SPECIAL" deal for QQL users only at a great discount! But I still can't figure out the difference between that QQL package and your standard package! I have already been to the comparison QQL/eSignal page BTW. That's not what I am asking. But rather a comparison between what you are offering and your standard package to see if you are really offering a SPECIAL deal?

    Peace... Dice
  5. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    The key difference between the special rates for QQL customers and our standard pricing is the ability to access our new Advanced Charting package. For the special rates, you'll have access to our Standard Charting, all our history data, portfolio manager, and just about every other feature in eSignal. All at a price well below our standard rates. Only customers coming directly from QQL have access to this special program.

    If you want to use our Advanced Charting or our new formula language, we do have a few conversion specials that are not posted on our site. Please call our sales or service lines for more information.

    Hope that helps.

  6. Dice2


    Tnx.. that helps. Now Q # 2! What do I get with the standard charting as opposed to the advanced charting? To make it simple... here's what I want :

    Daily & intraday 5 min. to have MACD [5/15/9 settings], Stochastic [4,3,3 settings], DMI [14/4 settings], Weighted Moving Average [7/18/40/50 settings], Donchian & Bollinger bands, as well as candles & volume ... ALL ON ONE CHART! :D

    Is that doable on the $35 QQL charting package you offer or do I need the Advanced to get the Charting Info above? For ref. that's what I got from QQL under the Deluxe Package!

    If it's all good with the standard package... then you got yourself a new one! :cool:

    Peace... Dice
  7. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    From our own testing, we found our standard charting to be roughly equivalent to the charting in QQL, regardless of QQL service level. If you upgrade to get our Advanced Charting at some point, I think you'll see a significant difference.

    From your description, you should have no problem setting up a standard chart with those settings/parameters. I added a few of your specific settings to one of my charts w/o difficulty. Hopefully, it'll suit your needs or better yet, even exceed your expectations!

    We're offering a 30 day trial to QQL customers as well so I encourage you to try us and see for yourself.

  8. Jasra


    The basic chart package is in my opinion very limited and I could not trade intraday with it. If you use charts for more macro views over longer time periods then it might suffice.

    On the basic package (from what I can see) for intraday trading you have to use the interval chart which gives 3 days data and can be set to time periods from 1 min to 60 min. For longer time periods you have to us the daily chart. The charts themselves are clumsy in appearance compared to QQL.

    Also I could not get data on analytics for the interval charts to come up - maybe because it's weekend ?!

    It took me about 5 mins after seeing the basic chart package to decide that I needed better charts which I think anyone who is used to the charting package from Quicken will also do.

    The advanced charts are considerably better and in some areas offer some advantages over QQL although they could still be improved in others.

    I have yet to use the advanced charts on a trading day which is where the real test will be !

  9. Miki


    Unless I am mistaken the QQL deluxe users will not get Time & Sales!:mad:
  10. Dice2


    Please keep us posted on your opinion with regards to the switch. Like I said, nothing better than an actual QQL users now testing eSignal!

    I mainly do daytrading [but do keep an eye on the daily to follow general trend]. So any comments after you put the software to the test this week would be GREATLY appreciated.

    So there's no time & sales on the basic pack! :confused: I am starting to get the feeling that the $35 is no deal at all, if everything I need is in the advanced package!!!

    Will see what gives and be checking what other options are out there in the mean time. But for the record, QQL seems to have had the best package for the buck out there... 3 simple great packages for a great price that kept us loyal to QQL for years! I hope you other developers can learn from that... great prices for great packages will always keep 'em coming! Otherwise... they'll switch at 1st day-light! :D

    Why did QQL ever have to do that!!! :mad:

    Oh well... peace... Dice
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