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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Rushman, Aug 21, 2001.

  1. Eldredge


    This is the response I got to my e-mail.

    "Thank you for contacting Quicken Quotes live support.
    Thanks for your request. We have had other requests for futures and
    we have looked into getting them. Unfortunately, their implementation
    is not planned for the near future.
    Quicken Quotes Live Support."

    It couldn't hurt to have more people contact them though.

    #21     Aug 22, 2001
  2. Eldredge



    I believe you can open more than one workspace at a time by launching the program again. It seems to work for me anyway.
    #22     Aug 22, 2001
  3. roger2



    That's good to know - in fact the only good news I've had for a couple days.

    One problem with QQL allowing you to put so many windows in a workspace is that it makes them slow to close/open. But the ability to open the app twice opens up new possibilities.

    I have wanted to set-up one workspace for trading. Then set-up many other workspaces each with several intraday charts of related stocks, but no other windows. Hopefully these 'light' workspaces will load and unload quickly to allow 'trolling' for favorable intraday chart patterns.
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  4. roger2


    I would like to report that Quicken Quotes Live's support/development team has fixed the historical data bug mentioned earlier in this thread.

    QQL v 3.02 contains this fix in addition to fixes for two minor bugs. It is nice to see that the company considered fixing this problem a high enough priority to release an upgrade to fix it - no new features were added in v 3.02.

    I would like to thank Steve from QQL support for working with me, taking time to understand the problem, and making the effort to bring it to the attention of others at Quicken Quotes Live who are concerned about delivering a good product.
    #24     Oct 6, 2001
  5. kenstl



    does someone out there want to refer me for quicken quoteslive? you get $30 and I get 30% off my first month.


    i will take the first person who sends me a private message about it.
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  6. kenstl


    got it.


    please no additional messages.
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  8. shyhh


    Hi Guys

    I just wonder if QQL doesn't provide quotes on index futures, can we use QQQ and SPY instead ? Would there be any notable problem with such a set-up ?
    #28     Oct 17, 2001
  9. roger2


    u can and there is already a thread on this...started by me...called "NQ vs QQQ vs Comp"...or something like that - u can search by clicking my "Posts:xxx" link on the left

    there are other threads that address this topic here at ET as well...dig if u care to!
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