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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Rushman, Aug 21, 2001.

  1. roger2


    I received this email message 8/10:

    "Hello Roger:
    Thanks for the additional information. You are right, the bug is on this end and development is working on it. Thanks
    Quicken Quotes Live Support. "

    This was the result of several emails where I gave specific examples and explained why it was important. When I first addressed this they thought that the new version 3.01 had fixed it. So they were already aware, maybe through your complaints.

    This bug is not as bad as it sounds because you can always make the historical charts display current day's data by changing the time span, and the bug doesn't occur most of the time anyway. It is a bit of a hassle to have to watch for it though.

    But I believe that they will get it fixed. If they don't I will be back here advising all to avoid QQL.

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  2. Rushman

    Rushman Guest

    Could someone please explain to this newbie the differnce between the "e-minis" and the "futures"? When I speak of the futures, I mean the S&P 500 and/or Nasdaq 100 futures. How are the "e-minis" different? Thanks!

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  3. roger2



    This excerpt from a post on another thread explains it better than I could...(hope you don't mind tymjr)

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  4. Rushman

    Rushman Guest

    That does help - thanks, roger 2! So my understanding now is that there are FOUR major futures feeds, as follows: S&P 500, E-Mini S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, and E-mini Nasdaq 100.
    THe S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 futures are described as "large futures contracts", while the E-minis are described as "smaller versions of the larger contracts". tymjr also stated that the E-minis are traded on "the electronic market". My only remaining questions, then, are as follows:

    1. I'm not sure what tymjr meant by the "electronic market". Does he mean the electronic quotes/execution montages used by NYSE and NASDAQ (i.e SuperDot and SuperMontage)? If so, does this mean that ONLY data feeds for the E-minis are available to those of us trading remotely, via "electronic" means?

    2. If this interpretation is wrong and in fact all four futures feeds are available, which are the ones being supported by the major EDAT brokers/data vendors? Whenever I come accros discussion of the futures, I only hear reference to TWO feeds - which two of the four are being commonly supported? Thanks!

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  5. vitajex


    The Globex2 system is the electronic market used at the
    CME. It is similar to other electronic markets like
    the Nasdaq. The e-minis ES and NQ trade exclusively
    on Globex2. The larger SP and ND contracts trade in
    an open outcry pit during the daytime, and on Globex2
    for the overnight session and on Sunday.

    You can get real time quotes for all four contracts at
    most EDAT brokers and data providers. The minis are
    currently free from most quote providers, and after
    a promotional period will cost about $10/month. The SP
    and ND contracts are only available through a full
    subscription to the CME exchange, which costs $60/mo.

    It seems many traders use one or the other. They'll
    use the minis, or the large contracts, but not both,
    because of pricing, personal preference, etc. The minis
    and their large counterparts move almost in lockstep.
    The minis are often jumpier and noisier. The large
    contract quotes must be entered by hand from the orders
    transacted in the pit. Some think this causes a slight
    delay. Which contracts lead which, and which best
    represent early sentiment changes by "big money"
    (and/or "smart money") is the subject of much debate.

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  6. coops


    just started using QQL - looks good, but..... since you guys are already using it tell me please - i have two monitors, when i launch a chart, I cannot drag it over to my second screen. This has never been a problem with any other software (Quotetracker, Prophet charts etc etc). Tell me it ain't so.....!

    (no i don't want to have to create e a separate 'workspace on each monitor :) - mind you i have'nt checked whether that will work either....)

    btw have two fairly standard graphics cards, no fancy dual monitor card.....


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  7. roger2



    QQL works fine across 2 monitors with one workspace (you can't open 2 workspaces at once - I wish you could) I have one those 'fancy dual monitor cards' (Matrox G450) and it's fine with QQL

    before you can drag a chart to the second monitor, you first must either maximize or drag the workspace itself onto the second monitor (a chart can't exist outside the workspace)

    do this by whatever method you use to maximize an ordinary window (e.g. Internet Explorer) across both monitors. if you can not maximize an ordinary window across both monitors then I would say that the problem is with your video set-up

    keep me posted on this...

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  8. coops



    thanks :D

    maximising only maximises to the one monitor, but the workspace can be stretched ok to cover both monitors. Still is a bit odd to say the least - why restrict windows to only within the workspace?

    ps - i read about the lack of futures - i guess this means no S&P futures feed for indicator use then? damn.....


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  9. roger2



    the main point of this thread is the lack of eminis and my devious attempts to get everyone to badger QQL with requests to get them...so...email them!

    in the mean time one could use comp or one of the sector indices

    any other questions about QQL just post here
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  10. coops


    I'll fire one off to them now.......

    otherwise the data feed is great - a pleasant change to have my charting feed agreeing with IB.... ;-)

    charts look good too

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