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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Rushman, Aug 21, 2001.

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    Anybody know when QQL will finally offer futures charts/data feeds? This seems to be the only glaring shortcoming of the service at this time. Thanks.


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    Hi Rushman,

    You beat me to the punch! I have been thinking about starting a thread on this topic for the past couple days.

    I have used QQL over a year and I agree it is a very good service, especially when you consider the modest cost. It is reliable, has pre/post market data, flexible charts and workspaces, (almost) all of the TA tools, @ 30 canned real-time scans, link packs (to websites w/the symbol selected), etc, etc...

    But it needs to have the SP/NAS futures or e-minis. (Does it matter which? Don't the e-minis track with the large contracts?)

    Here's my suggestion: knowing that QQL is receptive to their customers' input, I think we could get their attention if the QQL users on this board would simply email (or call) and suggest to QQL that we need the ES & NQ e-minis! I would further suggest that we keep our requests simple, not 'bundle' it with other wish list items because that might tend to 'muddy' the signal we want to send.

    If QQL understands that this is important to traders, I think they will respond...
  3. tradeRX


    Can you place unlimited charts on QQL?

    Are the T&S color coded?

    Are the quotes timely?

    Where does their feed come from?

    Can you link specific charts and windows on a page?
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    Yes (T&S upticks green, downticks red: is that wht u mean?)
    Comstock (i believe) for real time; Iverson Fin. for historical

    The only limit to the number of charts and other windows is the speed of your PC. My main working set-up has two linked groups (each with large 1 min chart, 3 mo chart, T&S, L2) also 1 min comp, 6 addn'l 1 min charts, and a third linked group with 1 min, 5 min (5 day), and 3 mo charts, plus a few other charts minimized at the bottom of the screen. The only drawback to having this much in a workspace is that it takes about 20 sec. to close/open so I use only one workspace during the day but various workspaces (organized by industry groups) after hours.

    You link charts and other windows with what QQL calls 'symbol groups'. There are 3 (only) symbol groups available per workspace but any number of windows can be linked in each group.

    Another nice feature is 'link packs' (not the same 'link' mentioned above). Link packs are pre-set links to specific web pages. Two clicks on a symbol anywhere on your workspace will enter that symbol into (and open) Yahoo's quote page or ViWes short interest page or dozens of others I haven't tried. You can also create your own link packs and edit those supplied by QQL.

    One last comment, QQL is visually much nicer to look at than the others I have seen (screenshots, trials, etc), FWIW. Also, as I have mentioned elsewhere, the default config. proudly displays about a dozen bells and whistles but these are easy to turn off then they leave you alone. I go bare bones with just charts, T&S, L2.
  5. I emailed them a few times, as recently as 2 weeks ago about the absence of futures data,they upgraded the package but no data for the emini yet. It is really a shame since overall it's a great package and emini data is free of exchange fee. Another thing that I would like is full option chains. I could use a fib grid too. How accurate is the EOD data now with Iverson?
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    I think they would put e-minis high on the prioroty list if they were to receive a clear signal from current and prospective users.

    As you mentioned, there are other things you would like. Same probably applies for each person, but each with slightly different 'wish lists'. But if 10 or 20 people contact QQL and ask simply for e-minis and nothing else...that would be a clear signal, imho.

    Regarding the historical data, there is currently a slight bug, but I have identified it to QQL and they acknowledge the problem and are working on it. The bug is this: occasionaly historical charts do not display a bar (in the bar chart) for the current day's data. That is the only problem I know of. I have never checked the accuracy of historical data and don't even know how to do so.
  7. I have emailed them twice about this and both times they said that futures were not in the plan. That is why I dropped them.
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    why don't you tell them why you dropped them?

    QQL, or anyone, will change their plans if they come to believe that it is in their best interest to do so
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    another angle which is not readily apparent...

    QQL is basically an undiscovered gem, QQL's data feed is already competitive and I would bet that the feature list exceeds most. It is likely true that every trader could identify a few things to put on their 'wish list' for QQL...but that is true of ANY data vendor.

    the one thing, by consensus, that QQL really needs to attract day traders is the e-minis

    here is the angle: if QQL starts pulling clients away from eSignal, Realtick, and others, it will put pricing pressure on all the 'professional' vendors. Could eSignal cut their rates in half and still make a profit? I think so. So what's good for QQL users could indirectly be good for users of other vendors.

    If an individual emails twice asking for something, those two requests are lumped in with dozens if not hundreds of other requests and items already on the development team's 'to do 'list. How are they supposed to know how to best priortize that to do list?

    QQL doesn't presently understand the importance of the e-minis to traders...if they get that clear signal, repeatedly and without bundled add on requests...then they will realize how best to priortize their 'to do' list, IMHO.

  10. Roger2,

    I am sorry to hear this EOD data problem still occurs, I canceled a few months ago because of that(it was a major problem cause at the open I look at gaps and where it opened compared to yesterday on the daily, can't see that if the current bar is not displayed) and the absence of futures data. Believe me I sent them many complaints and requests. They just don't seem to make developments with the needs of serious traders in mind. The customer service is very helpful and nice but obviously the feedback is not passed on to higher levels or if it is it's not acted upon. I agree I would love to see eSignal and the likes reduce their pricing, also what's nice about Intuit is that they are not in the vendor business it's a reputable co, most of the others have questionable practices, sales tactics etc. and suck your money away with outrageous fees.
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