Quicken Quotes Live to be discontinued

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by doher, May 22, 2002.

  1. Dice2


    Why don't we all start sending QQL protest e-mail and see if it makes a difference!!! I'll start with one and see what gives! Got nothing to lose, but will make it nice... who knows!!! :cool:

    Peace... Dice
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  2. carlp


    I signed up with Quicken a couple months ago and think its a great service. I really enjoy the unlimited symbols and charts. Reliability has been great also.

    As far as I know there is no other service out there right now that gives all this for a reasonable price like Quicken does.

    I can't believe they are going to terminate the service.

    DTNiQ I don't like at all. I tried their free trial and was not impressed.
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  4. I have QQL Deluxe and it is the best.

    Run it on two computers and works perfectly.

    This realy sucks now I'll have to pay top dollar for data.

    Lets start calling QQL.

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  5. Dice2


    "We are EXTREMELY disappointed at your decision to shut down the QQL services by June 30th!

    This is one of THE best real time quote services around and there are so many of us who are really and totally disappointed by this measure.

    We gracefully ask that you reconsider your position on discontinuing one of the finest RTQ services in the market. It will be a REAL shame to put the fine work spent on this software to waste!

    Moreover, if it's a matter of $, I [and many more] would gladly pay up an extra $1 or $2 to increase your bottom line & maintain our service! You can take a survey of all current subscribing members to confirm and see if they mind the increase.

    That can be achieved before the target shut down date... so there's time if you have the well.

    Look forward to hearing your positive reply.

    Kindest regards"
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  6. What don't you like about CT's data?
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  7. Dear Intuit Management,

    quicken quotes live was one of the finest quote services i ever used.
    you want to shut it down. i cannot understand this - throw away a lot of programming work ? - no.
    please re-consider your opinion.
    i would gladly pay more for the service
    if this is the reason for the shutdown.
    esignal really cannot compete with qql.


    excuse my lack in eloquence
    #17     May 22, 2002
  8. I am so disappointed that they are going to shut down QQL. I've tried the following data services, and I left each one for the following reasons:

    1. QCharts--unreliable data feed. And you can't open multiple windows. On top of that, their Time and Sales is difficult to read: their bid and ask prices aren't posted side by side--unlike QQL.

    2. eSignals--interface far more complicated than QQL. QQL has drop down menus which allow you to quickly switch between timeframes--5 minute charts, hourly charts, weekly charts, etc. eSignal is so cumbersome.

    3. WindowsonWallStreet--forget their candlestick charts. They are out of format.

    Although QQL lacks indexes and futures data, it's an extremely well-designed platform. It's so user friendly: everything is so conveniently accessible.

    I don't know who else to turn to except paying $200+ for Realtick or something, which is way overpriced.

    #18     May 23, 2002
  9. stockoptionist -

    Did you try the Quote.com Livecharts or QCharts?

    Using Qcharts there's no window limitation and time and sales are easy enough to read.
    #19     May 23, 2002