Quicken QQL Replacement Candidate..

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Riesgo2002, Jun 4, 2002.

  1. Wondering if anyone here has experience with ProphetStation.

    They seem really inexpensive $34.95 plus exchanges, including futures and options..

    The software doesn't look like the greatest but it looks like something I could get used to, specially for the price.

    Check'em out and let me know what you think..

  2. m22au


    As far as I know, their data is constnatly updating snapshot, and not streaming.

    Further more, the software is almost exactly like Medved's Quotetracker, which is free (with ads) or $7 per month.

    Then you sign up for a data service, which is about $10 to $30 per month, depending on your choice of feed, number of symbols.

    Level II is also about $30 per month + $9 exchange fee.

    You can find out more about Quotetracker at www.quotetracker.com
  3. coops


    I liked QQL, but had to leave just recently due to lack of futures... then they folded, so glad i was looking around. Defected to Esignal, who are good - the new charting is ok (old stuff is hopeless).

    Quotetracker is also good, but you will not get any multi day intraday data - with prophet you do. So at start of morning, your 1 min, 5min charts etc will include yesterday's data.

    Nextrend seems popular here, but got fed up with the weird menu/interface, or to put it another way it was a real pain to work out how to adjust things how i wanted.....not like QQL.

  4. I defected to Qcharts and I have no complaints.

    (Check out my other post on Qcharts)

    I am paying about $93 a month but I get the whole enchilada.

    L2, T&S and island book
    ive charts with historical data
    all the chart tools I need
    no limit on symbols
    list off all market trending stocks
    and the rest

    I think it's the best for the price.
  5. but the $19.95 E-signal and the $14.95 Nextrend seem to be much better options in. my opinion. For the money, I really liked QQL.