Quick Scanning of Intraday Charts

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rdavenport, May 21, 2002.

  1. I would like to be able to quickly scroll through intraday charts (5 minute) of many symbols (>100). So far I only know of one software that allows this (ATattitude) and it has many other issues. Ideally I would be able to load a list of symbols such as the NDX 100 and then change charts by a single keystroke. I would probably spend 10-15 seconds on each chart. Scrolling via a single mouse-click would be a slightly less desirable alternative, but typing in symbols is not acceptable. Does anyone know of software platforms that allow this?

    Also, fibonacci retracements and VWAP in the quote page would be desirable.
  2. cashonly

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    I'm pretty sure Tradestation should do this.
  3. I thought only Bloomberg gives you this

    can you ge this on e signal?
  4. tc2000 has an automated scan.you can set it to cycle charts at whatever speed you like.
  5. mccoyml


    RealTick allows this through a new "link" feature