quick questions about Metastock and Amibroker

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  1. Hi all
    I'm trying to decide which software package to buy, Metastock or Amibroker...
    I've done my research but still need some opinion:

    1) Is it true that AB can do everything MS does but not the other way around?

    2) How easy will it be if i want to modify MS codes and put them into AB?

    3) Can either of them be used to do "market profile" analysis and backtesting?

    any comments appreciated
  2. hcour

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    There is both an AB and MS board on Yahoo, you might wanna ask there. FWIW, I use MS because I bought it yrs ago, but I think AB is the superior product, especially considering the prices. I think MS costs about 5 times as much or more.

  3. I agree by far the best product is Amibroker. I bought Metastock back in 2000 so I don't know about all the new features but Amibroker can do basically anything you want. Even if they were similar functionality wise I would go with AB because of price and the constant upgrades that they do and the free historical data from Yahoo/MSN. Amibroker is simply better and more adaptive to change from their customers.

  4. but i was told MS is easier to use....not sure if this is true...