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Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by humphrkf, Mar 21, 2007.

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    for a novice.. For something like Interest Rate Futures. Does the trading volumes and volatility of the future decline as it gets closer to the expiration date? Thanks for the help.
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    In the eurodollars, the open interest drops of a couple days before expiration.
    Volatility might also drop off a couple days before also.
  3. "Interest rate futures" can mean a lot of things. Fed Funds, Eurodollars, Notes, Bills, Bonds, not to mention Bunds, Euroyen, etc.

    Eurodollars will reflect the fed target rate. As a result, the more fed meetings between now and the expiration of the contract, the more chances the target rate will change. In addition, there's a certain amount of "long tail" behavior that goes on--if you expect the fed to raise rates 25bp in the next 3 months, isn't it somewhat likely they'll raise 75bp in the next 12? Now imagine if the fed gave signals that they were going to lower rates--the short expiration might move 50bp down while the long expiration might move 150bp down.
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